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Non Facial Treatments

People have been taking better care of their facial skin in recent years, but a face that looks youthful paired with a neck and chest that show the signs of sun damage and photo-aging can make people look unnatural and ‘done’. It’s important to factor in the neck and chest so the result is not jarring. Since the problems of the neck and chest, like those of the face, are individual, we suggest beginning with an initial consultation, so we can discuss if you would be a suitable candidate for layering multiple in-office treatments with at-home care. Here are recommendations for some of the most common complaints:

Sun Damage & Pigmentation

In a sunburnt land such as Australia, where the UV rating is almost always above 3, coupled with a population that still mainly believes sun protection is for the beach, picnic or sports days, we have a LOT of sundamage and its companion, skin cancers. After years of sun exposure, dark spots and broken capillaries on the face, neck and the chest are common. IPL treatments (also called broadband light), applied in-clinic, can correct both. The light targets unwanted pigment, breaking it up so it can be absorbed by the body. It’s superficial, requires little downtime and has a light collagen-building effect. It is suitable for lighter skin types that are not prone to melasma.
lady with pigmentation

Crepey Skin

Crinkly skin below the chin is mainly caused by sun damage leading to collagen loss. The sun’s UVA rays penetrate through (tinted) windows, and windscreens to age and thin skin over time.

Lasers such as the Fraxel can be used safely on the neck and décolletage but have a slightly longer downtime for effect, may be prohibitive cost wise and may not be suitable for all skin tones.

Neck Rejuvenation

Injectable Fillers

Injectable dermal fillers, as well as the newer biostimulator fillers can plump the skin up from within. Dermal fillers can hydrate and plump up thinning skin while the biostimulator fillers not only plump up skin, they also stimulate your own collagen, improving skin quality over time for up to 1-2 years.

periorbital filler

Mono Threads

Mono threads are relatively new on the market, but increasingly used in areas with loose, thin skin or even stretch marks to stimulate new collagen as the threads are broken down by the body and replaced by your own collagen in the process. As with all biostimulatory products, these don’t provide an immediate improvement but over some months.

mono threads

Tightening "turkey neck"

Loosening skin and thick banding of the platysma muscle (which runs from chin to clavicle) create the look we call “turkey neck.” Treatment options depend on the severity of the sagging.

Radiofrequency, alongside HIFU, are noninvasive ultrasound based options that create controlled microinjury to the tissue surrounding the muscles, stimulating a healing response that creates more collagen, which in turn tightens and lifts skin gradually. The procedure is best for those with mild sagging; very loose skin is best corrected by surgery.

Protrusion of the platysma muscle is also common but here is where the benefit of caring for your skin over the years can pay off- if you have good skin quality, and the problem is mainly the platysmal bands, we can relax them from chin/ jaw down to the collarbones using anti wrinkle treatments, thereby reshaping the jawline in the process subtly.

Turkey Neck

Double Chin

While most neck and chest problems become apparent as we reach middle age, a double chin may be something you are born with, irrespective of age. Occasionally, there may be the illusion of a double chin due to an underdeveloped chin, in which case dermal fillers may be able to help improve the shadowing. For the chin fat itself, there are fat dissolving injectable treatments that use an acid that dissolves superficial chin fat Patients typically need multiple treatments, which are spaced a month apart. An initial assessment is important to determine if you would be a good candidate, because some people have fat deeper in the chin area, which injectables may not be able to reach and which may be more amenable to liposuction; while liposuction may be better in a young person whose plagued with a double chin that is deep, paradoxically, it may cause more harm than good for older people seeking to get rid of their double chins, often leaving them with sagging tissue in the process if too much fat is removed from lax tissue so a consultation is vital prior to proceeding with treatment.

Permanent fat reduction

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