how to get rid of scars


As we go about living life, many of us may end up in situations that lead to scarring.

This may be due to acne in our adolescent years or even beyond, that leaves depressions in our skin once the acne has been controlled, which leads to embarrassment or unwanted
comments and opinions.

It may be due to necessary surgery, which had the unexpected and unwanted side effect of scars that may be unsightly, or raised as a result of an overenthusiastic response by the body to healing.

scar removal
acne scar removal

Whatever your issue or concern is, we may be able to help.


As with most things at Skin Essentials, it begins with a consultation of your concerns, including all treatment options tried to date. Depending on the type of concern, and scar, we may be able to help you. If we cannot, or lack the appropriate equipment, Dr Joshi can
refer you to a colleague who may be able to help instead.

Your options if you wished to go ahead vary from steroid injections directly into a hypertrophic or keloid scar to more extended options for acne including surgical subcision, which includes breaking down scars under the surface of the skin, to free it up so it does not look as puckered or tethered

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