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Dr Imaan Joshi

Dr Imaan Joshi

Dr Imaan has a background in surgical training and when she left that training path in 2011, she wanted to continue honing her skills in procedural work. Given her attention to detail and focus on natural, subtle results alongside a lifelong interest in healthy, beautiful skin, moving into Aesthetics seemed a natural decision.

Dr Imaan Joshi consultation

Dr Imaan chose Medicine as she saw it as a great way to help people while empowering and educating them on their medical and health needs.

Her years as a surgical training in Obstetrics and Gynecology taught her procedural and surgical skills on patients who are largely awake and therefore the importance of a gentle touch.

Since 2015, Dr Imaan has added to her surgical skillset and repertoire by venturing into Aesthetic Medicine and additionally has undertaken further training in Dermoscopy and Skin Cancer Surgery, since the two related fields often go hand in hand.


Skin Essentials was founded as we saw a need for patients to be better informed and aware of the potential for subtle rejuvenation while minimising risks in a medical setting that respects the fact that it’s an area with rare but significant risks.

The skin is our largest organ and one we often neglect, and it is the initial focus of our care when we begin working together, as it forms the canvas for the impression we make whenever we meet and interact with others.

At Skin Essentials, our focus is on longterm therapeutic realtionships, as all treatments are evidence based, and designed for you, with your specific concerns in mind. As such, outcomes are necessarily based on your realistic mindset, timeframe and willingness to budget and to show up and we rely on this as a core foundation of providing care to you.

In return, our promise to you is ethical, patient focused care, both during and after your treatments, with your best skin outcomes in mind.



  • Experienced cosmetic doctor
  • Experienced in anatomical knowledge
  • Ex surgical background
  • Comprehensive consultation with written treatment plan and no upsell
  • As a doctor-founded clinic we have an ethical obligation to be open and transparent about the care we can provide, the costs that will be involved and the time frame that works for you while not undermining the efficacy of the care we provide
  • We take the time to get to know you, and work with you on what you can expect from treatments, if you choose to work with us
  • An intimate knowledge of facial anatomy means we aware of possible risks and complications of any procedure and also how to handle it if it occurs, with trusted protocols in place

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