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Our Signature Treatment- The Full Face Approach

The commonest reason people consult us  is due to persistent signs of ageing as early as our mid- late 20s, but more typically, in our 30s and beyond. 

There is usually a window in our 30s and early 40s when the best results can be achieved non surgically though it is never too late to begin, if you can be realistic about your expectations - the longer you leave it, the more time, effort and money it will take to achieve results.

By the time we see a new patient with persistent signs of ageing that bother them, there’s a lot that’s been occurring in the background that cannot be fixed with some anti wrinkle treatment or some cheek or tear trough fillers.

What the patient sees is just the tip of the iceberg with a lot underneath that needs correction for balance and best results. Failure to recognise and understand this risks the overfilled, pillowface syndrome we see everywhere. 

This is why, at Skin Essentials, we offer only one main option for medical aesthetics aimed at ageing positively: our signature Full Face Approach, also known as FFA. 

Recent TGA ruling as of 18th December 2023 means we can no longer use even vague descriptors of drugs used as part of our toolbox in the FFA approach.

In general, what this means is that most people, due to advertisements, marketing and social media believe they know what they need for their concerns and that they are qualified based on their search to order medical treatments off a menu. 

We know in medicine this is not usually how it works, and the practical doctor begins with a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s symptoms, their presenting problems to come up with a diagnosis and then a treatment plan that usually incorporates : 

  • prescription drugs 
  • an initial series of appointments close together to monitor results and tweak the medication and monitor for side effects 
  • ongoing maintenance at a less frequent interval to prevent further deterioration 

In medical aesthetics, this is no different and at Skin Essentials, begins with a comprehensive consultation. 

We don’t offer treatment packages nor syringes by the ml without first meeting you, assessing you face to face and determining your concerns and whether we can help. 

If we agree to work together, we agree to work exclusively, undertaking a comprehensive treatment plan and implementing it with your consent and full commitment in clinic within an agreed-to timeframe and with a quoted upfront cost that is payable over that time period for best results. 

What does the Initial Consultation address? 

The detailed initial consultation with Dr Imaan gives you a true understanding of how the ageing process affects you, based on your age, genetics and lifestyle choices and what she can realistically do to help address these changes that distress you before it’s too late. 

This takes time, which is why the initial consultation is so important and a time for you to sit with Dr Imaan  to plan your rejuvenation path over the coming 4 months initially, then maintaining it for years to come. This will be your opportunity to be given an accurate idea depending on what’s needed and how much you can expect to spend initially to allow you to make an informed decision to begin or not. 

Dr Imaan focuses primarily on full face rejuvenation via non surgical and minimally invasive procedures which takes time, diligence and investment on your part so you don’t end up looking “done”, “fake” or “wrong”. 

How much can I expect to spend on FFA?

The initial cost varies depending on whether it is mainly maintenance/ prevention in a younger face or restoration and correction of multiple concerns  in an older face that is not “surgery only”.


For ease of patient understanding, we have divided the FFR process into 3 tiers: 

  • Tier 1: for the younger patient (typically < 30s to early 40s) who may have early signs of persistent ageing that bother them or a genetic issue such as very hollow eyes or an underdeveloped chin that elicits unwanted comments and makes them feel self conscious but which they don’t wish to consider surgery for. 
  • Tier 2: for the patient (typically 30s to late 40s) or someone with significant concerns including sundamage, textural skin issues, lines and wrinkles at rest and significant volume loss due to ageing or being very slim; more work is needed and this is our most common patient type. 
  • Tier 3: for patients who had had ad hoc injectables in the past on demand, often from a very young age, who are beginning to lack a plan, or beginning to look misshapen and want guidance, which may involve reversing some of the old work first and screening for vulnerabilities including body dysmorphia disorder. 

In summary if we agree to work together, we are committing to a time bound period of working together for a relatively fixed investment (if we don’t add anything else on): 

  • 4-5 appointments over a 4 month period initially 
  • If suitable, we begin with some work at the first consultation
  • the average investment  over these initial 4 months is ~$12k, and this amount is frozen till July 2023 when we will adjust for inflation 
  • the cost for an average FFA for the first year is ~ $15k 
  • maintenance thereafter is usually 4 times/ year, with an average spend of ~$6k over the year. 

At maintenance, we’d still expect to see you 3-4 times a year for best results for your investment.

The reason we specify the timeframe, the number of appointments and the cost is so you understand that as a results driven clinic, we won’t start if you are in any way hesitant as delays, rescheduling will impact your results. 

Less frequent appointments than the agreed-to cadence this may affect your results and investment as the ageing process will continue regardless. 

Despite what advertising and marketing tells you, medical aesthetics is entirely discretionary and it is a duty of care for all healthcare professional to first do no harm, and to provide accurate informed financial consent. 

What can you expect from us? 

The vast majority of examples of poor medical aesthetics we see are in large part due to the unregulated industry and inexperienced injectors competing on price.

Good results should be imperceptible and are likely missed as a result because patients look like they’ve had nothing done, just look really good “for their age”. We don’t compete on price, nor do we sell packages and other gimmicky stuff. We follow the medical model of care, with the goal being a longterm therapeutic relationship with our patients for years to come. 

Our clinic aesthetic is subtle, understated, timeless and classic rather than in your face. Everything is harmonious and flows. As Dr Imaan likes to say, “everyone will notice but no one will know” unless you choose to tell them. 

We dedicate a lot of time and effort to aftercare and followup in the event of any side effects and complications which is your insurance if anything goes wrong. Correspondingly our prices are reassuringly expensive and reflective of this. 

At Skin Essentials we pride ourselves on our directness and our clarity around how we work including what we expect from you at minimum so you can make an informed decision about starting the consultation process for best results to help you address your concerns now and well into the future. 

What we expect from you. 

We expect that patients who book into our FFA consultations, which are limited to a small number each month, are ready both psychologically and financially to begin and not at the exploratory phase of their journey into medical aesthetics. 

We further expect that you are open to everything suggested by Dr Imaan to help you achieve your goals if we decide to work together and that you will commit to being consistent including the agreed to appointment dates without rescheduling and delaying treatment dates. 

We don’t lock you into contracts, as we believe in building trust slowly. If, 1-2 appointments in, we realise we are not a good fit, we should be free to agree to part ways. Our patients who come get great results and stay for years, do so because we’ve built trust on the basis of good work, exclusivity, commitment to working together and communicating honestly. 

We expect no less from you. 

Sound like we might be a good fit for you? Head over to our booking link and we look forward to meeting you soon! 

We occasionally see many people who have left it too late, such that, when they finally come in, the cost to fix everything would be significant, and most likely would involve surgery.

So our advice to all our patients, if they are keen to age well, is to start early, and to commit to regular treatments with a trusted clinic and clinician, to hold you accountable sooner than later.

Dr Imaan is firm on the importance of this - 80% of the success or failure of your treatments is dependent on you and your commitment to showing up as advised, booking your next series of appointments and sticking to those dates at any cost if they are time sensitive until you are at maintenance, when cost is lower and time between treatments more spaced out. 

Over time, these treatments will teach you the habits of discipline and will stand you in good stead, so that as ageing-related changes accelerate, you won’t feel it in your wallet as much as you might if you had done nothing and began at a later stage. 

facial rejuvenation for ageing skin
anti ageing treatments face

That aside, in order for us to consider full face rejuvenation on anyone, we strongly advise and recommend some basics be in place, without which, everything else is moot:

  • Daily spf, summer or winter; SPF 30 or 50 and preferably reapplied around midday.
  • Applying enough SPF - 5mls for the face, ears and neck 
  • Quit smoking
  • Drink water
  • Eat better most days
  • Get enough sleep- it’s when we make collagen and repair skin 
  • Commit to sun protection all year around – sunhat, sunglasses, long sleeve clothing and seeking shade all year around. UV is a known carcinogen 

While these basics are being implemented or in place, we can proceed with restoring what time and nature has taken away using  multiple modalities, outlined below agreed to in your initial consultation with Dr Imaan. 

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