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Ethical, premium medical aesthetics at every stage of life.

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The world of aesthetics and cosmetics is often bewildering, with endless confusion.

With the latest TGA regulations that came into effect as of January 15th 2024, this will become even harder. 

It can seem overwhelming but it need not be.

At Skin Essentials, our aim is to help simplify it for you and to devise a bespoke treatment plan unique to you, addressing your concerns and needs not just for the day of your consultation but for our work together for months and years to come. 

Our focus at Skin Essentials is to help you with  your skin and aesthetic goals, via agreed-to treatment plans, personalised  in-clinic treatments and  prescription medications as needed. 

Our promise to you is an experience with a female doctor with over 2 decades’ experience in surgical training, basic dermatology and aesthetics, who is passionate about ethical, ethnic-specific beauty.

The average woman spends AUD3600 on non invasive beauty purchases (hair, nail, skincare)  every year- so it stands to reason, if your DIY ad hoc approach isn’t working to give you beautiful healthy skin and the ageing process is bothering you, to see a doctor and get the help and advice you need personalised to you.

What services do we offer?

The basis of all care at Skin Essentials is focused on our ethos of integrity and our values of longterm patient focused care.

Our work is divided along two main lines: 

Want to know more about our Full Face Medical Aesthetics approach? 

We recognise and are upfront about the fact that medical aesthetics done well should be reassuringly expensive and takes time, typically 4 months depending on when you begin, and how many concerns there are to address. 

Most of our typical patients are 35-55 years of age, have a list of persistent concerns by the time they present at an initial consultation, so it is important they understand what to expect from us, and what is expected of them in return for results. 

The cost over this time period is significant, depending on how much work needs addressing. It is important you understand this and have the funds so there are no surprises in your initial consultation. We can also place you in touch with third party financing should you need it. 

Dr Imaan provides evidence based care, using TGA registered equipment and products.

Dr Imaan is an AHPRA registered medical practitioner and we take our ethical responsibilities very seriously to provide you with the best care possible should you decide to commit to our suggested treatment plan and to work exclusively with us.

Results will be weeks to months, and require your commitment to showing up as agreed to and to continue to budget. 

Our strong focus is on holistic care for your face and skin, from prevention to rejuvenation and restoration over the short and longterm. If you are open to plastic surgery and this is the best option for you, this will be discussed with you at your consultation. 



Why Skin Essentials?

Our focus lies in a strong emphasis on evidence based patient centred care that holds to the medical principles of “first do no harm”, and is focused on guiding you based on what is best for you, now and in the longer term. 

Our goals are a longterm therapeutic relationship and collaboration with you, based on your needs and desired goals. 

We lay out as much information as we can in our pages and on Dr Imaan’s Instagram pages so you can realistically understand what medical aesthetics looks like and how much time and effort you are expected to invest for results before committing to an appointment. 

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Your Trusted Sydney Medical Aesthetics Clinic, Led By a Doctor

What makes Skin Essentials different? 

Skin Essentials is a one-of-a-kind skin and medical aesthetics  clinic serving our patients with a focus on the longterm therapeutic relationship with the one clinic and doctor. 

Dr Imaan sees patients for common skin diseases such as acne, pigmentation and rosacea as well as skin cancer checks including surgery of cancers if needed. Our signature approach to medical aesthetics takes a full face view to prevention, rejuvenation and restoration for longterm beautiful results. 

Our patients travel to us from all over Australia and some fly in from interstate regularly. Others who live overseas but have family here, regularly book their appointments when visiting annually.

If this is you, please contact us for information on how this might work. 

There is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to skin and facial aesthetics. 

At Skin Essentials you will work with providers with the medical knowledge and background, to give you harmonious and holistic results.

It all begins with the decision to start this journey, by booking an appointment.

Your Sydney Skin Care Clinic

Skin Essentials is your trusted skin care partner conveniently located in Sydney, NSW. 

Our focus is on full face, holistic care based on a bespoke treatment plan that incorporates different treatments including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, PRP treatments and other skin care services. 

Skin Checks & Skin Cancer Treatment Options

Take advantage of our skin check service to make sure that your skin stays healthy.
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