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5 Signs It May be a Vascular Occlusion and not just a bruise

Cosmetic injectables are on the rise, we see them everywhere we go. In a recent blog post I summarised the FDA meeting from March 2021, noting that adverse effects from cosmetic injectables are on the rise, in part due to their rising availability, often by less experienced injectors and related to this, failure to recognise […]

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What is a vascular occlusion?

Following the publication of my post on cheap cosmetic injectables for Mamamia last weekend, I’ve been inundated by questions from people I’ve never met on social media, asking about the safety of injectables and specifically, of dermal fillers. One person said she’d been considering fillers to her lips and cheeks, but is now worried and […]

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How Our Faces Age

There is a saying, "young bodies are slim, but young faces are full of fat."  This begins to change as early as our teens and our twenties.    When we're young, fat in the face is evenly distributed in the forehead, temples, cheeks, and areas around the eyes and mouth. With age, that fat shifts […]

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Ageing in our 50s - some case studies

There is a recent trend of famous actresses and models embracing ageing and encouraging other women to do likewise. It is refreshing, certainly far more so than the famous women of similar vintage claiming all they use is olive oil. We now have some famous and beautiful faces that are showing us firsthand what ageing […]

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6 procedures recommended in your 60s

If you've followed the series from your 20s through to now, you know the basics:  sun protection is the holy grail to ageing well  good longterm lifestyle habits are key - eating mostly well, limiting alcohol, not smoking (or quitting) and exercising regularly are all good habits to implement sooner than later  obtaining personalised medical […]

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5 ways to prioritise your skin in your 50s

The 50s are often the decade where it may feel like it all goes downhill, especially if you are female.  Perimenopause may have begun to make its mark known from your mid 40s, but it is often not until menopause that many women begin to struggle - the plummeting in oestrogen levels can cause an […]

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Why Does Australia have so much Skin Cancer?

Two days a week, I spend long days conducting primarily skin checks on patients and its related sibling, skin cancer surgery under local anaesthetic that does not need sedation. These days end up being long as the patient load is high, and despite better sun protection awareness, there remain many gaps in our understanding as […]

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Why Skin Therapies Need to be part of your Skincare Routine

There is no doubt about it. Even in people with good skin, the gradual process of ageing, questionable lifestyle choices and transitions that make up part of life all begin to take their toll, sooner or later.  For some of us, this may begin as early as our 20s, which is when collagen production generally […]

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A Focus on Melanoma in March

Australia has the highest melanoma rates in the world. Melanoma is the most common cancer affecting 20 to 39-year-old Australians and one Aussie is diagnosed with the disease every 30 minutes. It is estimated 1300 Australians will die from melanoma this year. Melanoma of the skin was the fourth most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia […]

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9 of the Best Skincare Options by Decade - your 40s

So you are now in your 40s. It is a great time to be alive, especially if you are a woman. Your career may be on track, or you may be gaining momentum there. Your kids may be of school age, and life might be feeling a bit easier now. You may feel like the […]

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6 of the Best Skincare Options by Decade - your 30s

For many of us, our 30s can be a time of much change. Many of us may have children, with pregnancy and associated changes, breastfeeding, chronic sleep deprivation and wrangling little children. Additionally many of us may be dealing with work outside the home at the same time, and making progression on the career ladder, […]

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6 of the Best Skincare Options by Decade - Your 20s

To those of us in our 30s and beyond, it can often feel like the aging process begins literally, overnight. One day, you're young and carefree and waking up with flawless skin (ifyou're lucky) despite late nights, poor dietary and lifestyle choices. It feels like no matter how poor the choices, our body and skin […]

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4 things that may go wrong with anti wrinkle treatment

Injectables are tricky to master, and anyone who tells you it’s easy, is often not telling the truth. With more experience, I’ve found that I see more and more variation in faces as to what can go wrong, go awry and even lead to unexpected results. Just like with Medicine, there is usually a Dunning-Kruger […]

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Bruising - Stages of Healing

In my day to day work which is largely procedural, bruising is a common and often expected occurrence so it’s important that I educate patients on what to expect and when to worry. Nonetheless, for someone who’s new to the world of either skin cancer surgery or injectables (or both) it can be initially fraught, […]

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Bruise or Vascular Occlusion - Do you know the difference?

With the rise in injectables everywhere, I am seeing weekly, new cases of influencers and others posting about their own experiences with vascular occlusions, sometimes from new injectors and other times from their regular treating clinicians.  Each time I’ve posted on this topic on my Instagram feed to educate others, I invariably get patients in […]

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The Rise of Fast and Cheap Cosmetic Injectables - my thoughts

There was a recent excellent piece on Mamamia by Erin Docherty on the rise of cosmetic injectables and reversal of treatments, often for poorly done work, and reflection by two doctors on why this might be increasingly the case. A common reason cited, which is well known among those of us who’ve been around a […]

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Common Myths I Hear around Cosmetic Treatments

Social media is great, as is Google. However, they often convey myths around cosmetic treatments that are not always true.  While many doctors hate it when patients have googled their probably symptoms/ concerns (because more often than not, the presumed diagnosis is incorrect), I don't mind it because it gives me some idea as to […]

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What To Expect Out of Skin Needling

Skin needling is a service offered at Skin Essentials. Skin needling is a type of collagen induction therapy that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Historically, skin needling was primarily used for skin rejuvenation. However, it can be used for a wide variety of different skin conditions. Let’s take a look at what you […]

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UV Radiation, UV Index and Sundamage. How are they linked?

Most Australians will only use sun protection on the hottest days of summer and forget it is not heat but UV rays that cause sunburn and photoageing as well as skin cancer. Australia has among the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and it is possible to burn in as little as 11 […]

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Contact Reaction to Cosmetics - What do you need to know?

It is the job of the beauty industry to sell us all the hype and the myth of the perfect ingredient that will address and fix our skin, hair and other beauty woes for a bargain or by selling us a package. As a doctor, I see the flip side of this regularly, in the […]

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Common Myths about Sun Protection

There have been decades of public health education around skin cancer, yet Australia remains the skin cancer capital of the world. Australia has some of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world – in fact, UV radiation is strong enough to cause sunburn in as little as 11 minutes on a fine summer […]

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Green Flags when seeking your Aesthetic Practitioner

Every few weeks of late, it seems, we are seeing posts on social media of young women with rare complications due to injectables, namely, dermal filler. Not that long ago, it was a young woman who posted of her experience on TikTok. Shortly after, well known influencer Lily Ghalichi posted of her own experience with […]

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Gearing Up With the Right Sun Protection

According to the Skin Health Institute, skin cancer caused by lack of sun protection is a major issue faced by Australians: At least 2 out of 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70. Over 400,00 Australians suffer from skin cancer each year. About 95% to 99% of skin […]

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Giving the Gift of Skin Care for the Holidays

During the holiday season, skin care products are often a popular gift. At Skin Essentials here in Sydney, we offer vouchers that your loved ones can use to purchase a skin care consult, services from our physical clinic, or items from our ecommerce store. Some of the skin care products that you purchase from other […]

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5 common reasons why sensitive skin struggles with skincare

It is not uncommon for patients to present reporting they have sensitive skin. Equally, it is common to see patients presenting after product overuse, or combining the wrong active ingredients and developing contact dermatitis or worse as a result. One of the first things a skin consultation is designed to help us determine is whether […]

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