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At Skin Essentials, we take our duty to our patients and the medical model of care seriously. 

As of 18th December 2023, the TGA restricts the use of terms that encourage patients to enquire directly about prescription medication without a consultation first. 

As such, we offer 3 main service appointments as follows, each with its own separate consultation type: 

  • Skin cancer checks:
    • including excision of any unusual lumps and bumps, skin tags and more (extra cost to be decided on examination) 
    • consultation is upto 15 minutes; fee $121 and Medicare rebate if eligible of $41
  • Skin & medical problems
    • examples including acne, acne scarring, redness/ rosacea, pigmentation as well as teeth grinding and excessive sweating 
    • consultation upto 30 minutes; fee $279 with Medicare rebate of ~$80 if eligible. 
  • Our Full Face Approach (FFA) to medical aesthetics is our signature treatment for facial balancing and restoration and addressing the ageing face as explained here.
    • consultation upto 60 minutes including treatment; fee $329, no Medicare rebate and treatment on the day is an extra cost. 
    • if you are ready to start on the day and familiar with how we work, we offer only a full face approach to medical aesthetics appointment which will include a combination of medical procedures and prescription medication needed to help restore the face back to youthful contours  depending on the concerns, assuming they are not “surgery only”, initially over a fixed timeframe (typically 4 months to then maintain typically 4 times/ year) 

These are our only advertised services, each with a required prepaid, non refundable consultation prior. 

We do NOT offer on-demand treatments without a consultation per TGA requirements, as with any doctor’s appointment to address the issue at hand based on the concerns you have.

Most of the work that we do at Skin Essentials cannot be conducted via Telehealth or even video calls and need face to face assessment barring few exceptions so a new appointment is needed for a new problem. 

Interested in our FFA approach? 

The commoditisation of medicine and the proliferation of convenience over good care and continuity during Covid has led to trivialisation of the therapeutic doctor-patient relationship and erosion of trust. 

At Skin Essentials, we only work with patients who want this full face approach  for best results,  are ready, realistic and willing and able to budget over a period of time, typically 4 months and 4-5 visits  for final results  at which point we enter the maintenance phase for successive years. 

All new patients need an initial consultation where Dr Imaan spends the time needed to assess your concerns and advise on best steps including:

  • can we help you? 
  • do you feel you can trust us to care for you? 
  • are you mentally and financially ready to undertake the significant investment initially that it takes for the FFA?
  • are you 100% in? 

If the answer is yes, your initial consultation will give you a clear plan for the next 4 appointments including: 

  • skincare personalised to you
  • injectables 
  • skin therapies for ongoing collagen induction
  • any other concern that needs addressing 
  • a discussion of any potential limitations including when it may be best to consider surgery if you are open to it. 

The typical cost for this is around $12k over the initial 4 months and an accurate quote to achieve these results will be discussed with you on the day, based on your needs. 

We aim  to continue working exclusively with you for years to come. 

We are results driven for longterm relationships with our patients. 

Our services are reassuringly expensive and  we are not for everyone. 

How much can I expect to spend on Full Face Aesthetics initially and then going forward? 

Our most common demographic is women in the age ranges 30-55 and the average spend over the first 4 months averages $12k. Thereafter annual maintenance is around 50% of that over 4 visits/ year. 

Treatments in the initial phase are clustered close together and typical results take around 3-4 months. Thereafter, maintenance is far more manageable on your wallet and your calendar. 

It is important to us in the interests of transparency that you are aware of this prior to booking an appointment and ready to begin if appropriate on the day as results heavily depend on your readiness  and willingness to follow the treatment plan created for you with Dr Imaan without delays and rescheduling. 

What is next? 

Now that you have an idea of the kind of investment that is required and have had a look at our Instagram pages at some of our results, you can decide for yourself and apply when ready to commence. 

In 2024, we are limiting the number of new patients we take on each month who are ready to begin the Full Face Aesthetics approach so it is even more important that you do not start until you are ready to start and to keep going. 

If your application is successful, we will contact you within 48 hours to take a non refundable prepayment for the initial consultation and you will be emailed a new patient intake form. Please ensure this is completed within 48 hours.

All prices are a guide, an accurate quote will be provided following consultation; prices are also subject to change in line with CPI  so please check before booking if this will impact your budget. 

We also offer third party finance via TLC if this is of interest to you so please ask us about this if relevant. 


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