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                                       Preparing for your appointment 

Here you will find important information necessary to help you understand how things work at Skin Essentials before your treatment, on the day and immediately after in case of emergency.

At Skin Essentials we treat medical aesthetics as a medical service with a small but real risk of complications which will be discussed with you prior and outlined in the consent forms - low risk is not NO risk. 

There is always some downtime with treatments including common known side effects such as bruising, swelling, lumps and bumps and unevenness. 

Emergencies, if they were to occur, usually do so within the first 24 hours of any treatment, and you will be given a way to contact Dr Imaan should this occur. 

Thereafter, if there are any concerns, please contact us to organise a review appointment.

Your prepaid initial consultation:

All initial appointments are prepaid and non refundable to secure your appointment. 

For no-shows or late cancellation/ reschedules within 3 business days of your appointment, this fee is forfeited and a new prepayment is needed to book an appointment. For regular patients who were scheduled without a deposit, late cancellation/rescheduling and no-show will incur a late fee of $50-250 without exception to reschedule.  

Some important information: 

1. The appointment time you choose reserves a period of time in clinic with us. It’s often impossible to fill these even with enough notice given many procedures have some downtime. 

2. Regularly cancelling/rescheduling your appointment ultimately impacts the results that are possible for your investment. We allow one chance to reschedule a booked appointment without forfeit per year. 

Before your appointment: 

Upon making your appointment you will be emailed a confirmation email with relevant information on finding us, including parking and allowing enough time to allow for traffic and parking as parking can be hard to come by in Liverpool. The medical centre does have complimentary underground parking for patients and Westfields Liverpool is a 5-minute walk away and has 3 hours free parking. 

Included in that form will also be a New Patient Intake Form - please fill this out within 48 hours as accurately as possible so we can make the most of your time in clinic addressing your concerns and treatment if we begin. 

Attending your appointment alone:

- consultations and treatments are best undertaken without the distraction of children, partners and friends. 

- many points to cover in an aesthetic consultation and these are best done with you as the sole focus of Dr Imaan’s attention. Rarely, there may be a genuine need to have a support person with you - please check with staff before booking your appointment if this is the case but our general policy is that only the person having the treatment should be in the room with Dr Imaan.

-we have  a strict child-free policy unless the patient being treated is a child. The clinic has limited space and we cannot be responsible for watching your children while you have a treatment.

On the day of your appointment and the first 24 hours post treatment:

Please attend your appointment without any makeup, and preferably without any jewellery. Please bring wipes with you if attending from work. It is imperative that Dr Imaan can see your skin in its natural form and that the clinical photos we take at your baseline are a true indicator of your concerns.

Makeup removal in clinic ends up taking up time we’d rather use to discuss and address your concerns. Additionally, treatment on skin that has not been cleaned of makeup optimally risks infection and simply is not worth the risk.

If we do use any injectables on the day, please remember no makeup for the rest of the day as it increases infection risk. Any emergency that may arise usually does so within the first 24 hours and Dr Imaan will go over her aftercare protocol with you in the event of this. Thereafter, if you have any concern, please request a complimentary review appointment to discuss any other non urgent concerns.

Given our focus on full face rejuvenation, new patients opting for this can expect to be in relatively often for a series of treatments initially so it is best to plan these ahead of time and book them in - this holds you accountable to your investment and also helps you plan for any important events that may be coming up along the way. Please also remember to plan your treatments outside of any travel plans, dental procedures and other major events in which you need to look presentable and can’t risk bruising.

In the days and weeks following treatments:

It's important to understand that bruises and swelling following aesthetic treatments cannot be avoided by any injector. Injectable treatments involve breaking the skin barrier with sharp instruments with a risk of damaging underlying blood vessels and bruising as well as swelling as an injury response. As such, it is important that you plan your appointments accordingly to minimise the need to reschedule until you know what your individual response to treatments usually is.

Barring the period in the first 24 hours post treatment, when we might see unexpected emergencies, we do not offer an oncall service for non urgent issues or questions. If you have a concern following treatment, please contact us to organise a followup appointment. A fee may apply for this. 

Non urgent enquiries can be noted to discuss at your next clinic appointment.

Emails and texts are for administrative issues only. We only provide medical advice during consultations. 

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