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The New Bioremodelling Filler to hit Australia is here!

It’s here!

After 7 years for TGA registration since it launched globally, the new biostimulatory, bioremodelling filler aka Skin Honey is here and at Skin Essentials.

Why all the fuss?

See for yourself!


It boasts the ability to hydrate skin, like many Skinboosters, upto 20x more in addition to stimulating your own collagen and elastin over time, for sundamaged, crepey skin on the face, neck and hands over a series of treatments.






The pictures certainly seem impressive and the track record for complications are very reassuring the world over, who has had 7 years on us in terms of real time experience with this product.

So who’s it for?
- the only person it’s not for, truly, is the pregnant person while they are pregnant.
- risk profile is very safe, with minimal downtime and ability to work over time on just about any skin type.
- it seems best suited to aged, sundamaged, crepey and volume depleted skin to restore some of this, like all biostimulatory fillers, with the added benefits of hydration also.


How does it work?

For the month of November only, if you are new to Skin Essentials, consultation to discuss this treatment ONLY , is complimentary and your booking deposit is redeemable towards treatment using this link.

For current patients, if you are booked for treatments and wish to add on this please email us so we can set aside a box for you as stock is strictly limited and once we run out, there is no further stock expected till February 2023.

What is involved?

- this type of filler does NOT volumise but rather hydrates deeply and stimulates your own collagen for glowing, healthy skin over weeks to months. It is a gradual treatment, like all biostimulatory fillers. 
- initial series of a minimum of 2 treatments per area 4 weeks apart eg face, or neck or hands = 1 area.
- some people see enough of a difference, especially if they have significant sun damage and crepeyness, that they may opt for a third session 4 weeks after the second.
- each treatment needs a minimum of 2 sessions for best results.
- cost is $900/syringe. Each syringe is 2 mls.
- $1800 for 2 treatments to one area 4 weeks apart
- $2400 for 3 treatments at 0, 4 and 8 weeks to one area, paid upfront.

Downtime is minimal and results can be seen and felt as early as the 4th week, just in time for summer and Christmas.

So if you are keen, don’t delay, stock will run out when it does until February 2023.

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