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Why Skin Therapies Need to be part of your Skincare Routine

There is no doubt about it.

Even in people with good skin, the gradual process of ageing, questionable lifestyle choices and transitions that make up part of life all begin to take their toll, sooner or later. 

For some of us, this may begin as early as our 20s, which is when collagen production generally begins to slow down, and the plumpness and glow of youth is gradually lost. For others, if genetics are on our side and we observe some basics such as rigorous sun protections habits, we may get longer, into our 30s, and if we are fortunate, our early 40s. 

Alas, for all of us, it is inevitable that over time, collagen will begin to decline, along with other changes - volume loss in the face, loss of plumpness in the skin and overall glow and the gradual etching of fine lines and wrinkles that may eventually make way for deeply etched lines present even at rest. 

When I first see patients in clinic, especially if they've let nature take its course for some years, or even a decade or more, it is important to replace volume loss quickly with dermal fillers and to restore some youthfulness to the face. However, it is equally important to recognise that this is not a panacea, and that more and more filler will inevitably risk the dreaded pillowface, or overfilled face, which is a caricature. 

Instead once we have optimally replaced lost volume, I encourage patients to shift focus with me to longterm goals, which relay on improving skin quality, inducing collagen and establishing and maintaining lifelong habits that will enable them to age well, for a decade or longer to come. The aim is not to be a one-and-done thing but rather an ongoing investment in oneself and commitment to ageing well, whatever that looks like for the individual. 

To that end, skin therapies are the bedrock of any ageing-well regimen because they rely on building habits and maintaining those, no matter how big or small, such that over time, imperceptibly, they pay dividends. They are not the stuff of "wow" or "magic" or instant gratification, but rather a gradual and sustained improvement visible only after some weeks or months, which in the process, teach us the value of prioritising ourselves, investing in ourselves and committing to our stated goals with our time, energy and budget. 

Skin Therapies consist of a personalised treatment plan with our team, in conjunction with you and your stated goals. They consist of: 

  • a bespoke skincare regimen addressing your specific concerns, whether based on our cosmeceuticals range or prescription range if there is existing skin disease such as acne, rosacea or pigmentation 
  • support around beginning active ingredients that may cause irritation by our staff until you are comfortably and safely using the regimen nightly 
  • recommendations from monthly in-clinic skin therapies that would complement your skincare regimen, designed with you and your goals in mind, which also hold you accountable to your treatment and skin goals. 
  • as with all skin therapies, skin takes time. Skin diseases take longer to resolve and begin to show improvment, typically 6-10 weeks depending on the concern. During this time, in-clinic treatments may accelerate some of the results 
  • most skin therapies needs a series of initial treatment sessions to jumpstart the process, after which we would recommend a repeat session once or twice a year to maintain results

Results are cumulative and worthwhile, the hardest part is finding a clinic and treatment partners who are qualified and who can work with you to help you achieve your goals, and then getting started. 

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