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What can anti-wrinkle injections be used for?

As we age, depending on our ethnic background, our age, the amount of pigmentation as well as genetics and other factors such as smoking and regular use of sunscreen, we develop lines where the muscles of our face regularly move under the skin.

Over time, these give rise to wrinkles- first these are dynamic; these only occur when our muscles are moving. Over time and with age, these may become static- these are wrinkles that are visible even when our face is at rest.

It is important to realise that anti-wrinkle treatments mainly treat dynamic, not static wrinkles, though many will notice some benefit even to these over multiple treatments.

Following  are some examples of some areas that can be treated on the face using anti-wrinkle injections to help reduce or even remove dynamic wrinkles. Over time, with back to back treatment, even static wrinkles can be reduced, failing which, filler may be an option.

This photo can give you some idea as to its varied uses in non surgical cosmetic enhancements.

Here is an example of a first treatment effect of wrinkle reduction treatment in a woman in her mid 30s.

She had marked reduction in static lines as well as dynamic lines with a standard dose of 20 uts of Brand B, lasting abt 3 mths.

After 2 months she began to notice the static lines more, but as her muscles were still weak, there was no immediate need for treatment until she had more muscle movement though some patients do prefer to be topped up more frequently as they don’t like any muscle movement (which I don’t recommend).

This is an example of treatment of frown lines on a lady in her early 50s- she has strong frown muscles and so has frown lines that are both static (present at rest) as well as during active movement. Using a standard dose of 20 uts of Brand B to the frown lines still produced an excellent result from the first treatment- the static lines are much fainter, though they did begin to become more obvious around 6-8 weeks. In future for this lady, if the static lines bother her, I would recommend a slightly higher dose eg 22-24 units for 3-4 back to back treatments and if insufficient, consider filler to the area.).

Some more examples…

Lady in her mid 30s with static forehead lines, treated with 10 units to the forehead AND 20 units to the frown lines with Brand B

Lady in her 60s here treated for crows’ feet with 10 units each side of Brand B.

While the mid and lower face usually needs filler for optimal results, sometimes some improvement can be achieved with uses of small doses of anti wrinkle treatments too:

Small dose to the DAOs alone or in conjunction with filler, as here for a downturned mouth for a lady in her early 40s.

Anti wrinkle treatment to the jaw muscles for teeth grinding that also can significantly slim the face, as happened for me.

There here are many other things that a small dose of anti-wrinkle treatment can help with, such as excessive sweating on the face, underarms and even hands, as well as for gummy smiles, bunny lines around the nose etc, so if you are wondering how I can help you look your best, book your  consultation and ask!

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