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Why do I need to come back for a visit 2 weeks after I’ve had my treatment?

When I first meet you and we decide to go ahead with treatment, I like to tell you about my expectations and what I hope will be a long therapeutic relationship.

I like to tell you that I don’t like to freeze people unless they want to look that way (and I don’t encourage that) and that I’d rather underdose than overdose people, saving them money in the process.

The two week review therefore serves several purposes:
1. We get to take photos of your “before” and “after”. In all the movements I get you to do during the initial assessment.
2. I get to assess your facial muscles moving as well as still if anti wrinkle treatment was done.
3. I get to compare fullness and smoothness of skin at 2-3 weeks after filler if dermal filler was used.

I have occasionally had patients cancel their review appointment, and not rebook. On other occasions, I have had ladies, especially those with quite a hard life, show up and express disappointment as they feel there has been no change – in these cases, having objective evidence to show them, is an important part of the followup process, as shown below, where the lady, in her 60s, believed nothing had changed, and I was able to show her otherwise at 2 weeks.

These are important review visits as they help me advise you of what doses are best for you going forward, and to work with you to give you the best results for your time and money.

With the lady above, we topped her up with another smaller dose of anti wrinkle treatment at the review visit.

Another lady in her early 50s had the minimal dose for her marked frown lines with good results at two weeks, but at 6 weeks began to feel more mobility.

At that point, she had two options:

  1. return for a smaller top-up, eg 10 units which might last her a few more weeks.
  2. Wait till she had regained most of the mobility in her frown and then present for a full dose, more than the last dose (she had 20 its and I suggest she might need 24-25 the next time.).

From my perspective, every patient is different- everyone’s body will react differently to the same dose in the same place so we need to tailor this to you. There is some element of trial and error until we get this right, after which, there will no longer be a need for ongoing 2 weekly reviews.

I pride myself on individual tailored care and so even though every consultation is free, I would like to see you at 2-3 weeks so we can decide if you’ve had the correct dose and treatment and when you may need a top up.

It is not a “waste of time” – not my time, and hopefully, not yours either!

Want to know more? Get in touch, make an appointment and let’s set up a treatment plan for you with Dr Joshi. 

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