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The Skin Essentials Story

Skin Essentials was born out of the fervent desire by Dr Imaan Joshi to offer ethical, honest and evidence-based aesthetics and skincare.

When she began looking into this industry some years ago, she was bewildered by the misinformation around as well as the often unethical practices and general lack of information and education of potential clients/ patients in caring for what is arguably, their investment in the biggest organ they have, their skin.

So began her steep learning curve into this world while holding to her value of ethical, honest beauty.

Dr Joshi initially began as a mobile service to loyal patients but soon discovered that makeshift beauty and hairdressing salons were not set up appropriately for medical consultations due to lack of privacy and staff had different training around infection control compared to the way healthcare workers are, which worried her about the potential for a rare but serious complication and not having access to review a patient due to being mobile.

Thus, in April 2019, Skin Essentials was born, in the heart of South West Sydney, to serve the Sydney population at large, with an especial focus on skin of colour, as our needs are often different from those of our Caucasian counterparts, but this is often not well understood even in medical circles.

At Skin Essentials, we pride ourselves on our ethics and our transparency and honesty.

Our goal first time and everytime, is to educate and empower our patients to achieve their aesthetic goals, while being realistic about them, relying on evidence based care at every stage.

Welcome, and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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