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The Skin Essentials Story

Skin Essentials was born out of the desire by Dr Imaan Joshi to offer a full face, ethical and evidence-based approach to medical aesthetics and skincare given the frank misinformation around as well as questionable practices and general lack of information on the degree of investment it truly takes to achieve some of the results shown on social media pages. 

Thus, in April 2019, Skin Essentials opened,  to serve the Sydney population at large, with an especial focus on skin of colour, as our needs are often different from those of our Caucasian counterparts. Since opening, our patients are from all over NSW and some even travel from interstate every 3-4 months to see Dr Imaan. 

Dr Imaan’s superpowers of honestly and directness may or may not be for you. You’ll never be confused as to where you stand with regards to our ethics, transparency and honesty. Our main goal is to educate and empower our patients through subtle but powerful results designed for your face over some months. 

At Skin Essentials we do not offer a treatment option off a menu, but take a full face, holistic approach with a focus on achieving  goals over a period of time, usually 3-9 months. We are looking to forge longterm relationships with our patients and provide them with an experience and excellent results just short of plastic surgery. 

Our singular focus is our signature full face and skin treatment plans. These take time, planning, money and discipline. It is an investment in yourself, your confidence and your future with an expert doing the bulk of the planning for you, so that we get it right first time, every time before maintaining the results for years to come. 

Indicative costs are available to help you decide on our price guide page. 

If this is you’ve been looking for, make an appointment and we look forward to seeing you soon to begin the work. 

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