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Threadlift Sydney

Thread Lift

Threads may be broadly categorised into two arms:

  • Mono threads, which have no associated lift at all, and are used similar to other collagen stimulating products, to tighten and smooth skin, and
  • Threads with lifting properties, that are long, and may be used to lift and reposition sagging tissue, stimulating the patient’s own collagen in the process as they dissolve over some months.

Mono Threads

  • Short usually 25mm to 60mm long usually
  • Placed multiply and tightly over an area that has lost volume, but may be less amenable to other therapies eg fine wrinkles under the eyes, deep nasolabial folds, smile lines
  • The threads commonly used in Australia and TGA approved are made of a material called PDO – this is dissolved over some months by your own body, stimulating collagen in the process that can last upto a year.
  • These may be used along any areas that traditionally were difficult or tricky to treat eg under eyes, along smile lines, along neck lines, along stretch marks on the body
female procedure
PDO and PLLA Long Threads

Long Threads

  • Two main materials available via the TGA in Australia – PDO and PLLA.
  • The PDO is similar to mono threads above in terms of longevity
  • The PLLA stimulates a type of collagen that lasts longer, approximately twice as long, upto 18-24 months at a time.
  • The main benefit of long threads is that they are used to lift and reposition sagging tissue back to where they used to lie, and in the process, as the threads are dissolved by the body over some months, they stimulate your own collagen in these places and areas, resulting in subtle lift in combination with skin rejuvenation

As with all non surgical and non permanent treatment options, regular maintenance every year or two is best for continued results as the ageing process will continue regardless, in consultation with your treating team.

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