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The Initial Consultation

Why do I need an initial consultation if I know what I want, or am booking for a similar treatment I used to have at my last clinic?

All new and returning patients  require an initial consultation, based on their specific concern: 

- Skin cancer check/ skin lesions eg moles, skin tags etc 

- Skin and medical concerns eg acne, pigmentation, teeth grinding, excessive sweating 

- Full Face Aesthetics for someone who wants a plan to age well that focuses on the whole face and a holistic approach to maintaining or restoring some of what time took away. 

We do NOT offer injectables on a demand basis ie we don't do just a bit of this and a bit of that. If this is what you are looking for, we are not the clinic for you. 

There are many salons and clinics jostling for your business and many of those compete on price. That is not us at Skin Essentials. 

Our core belief is that your face and skin are important and any and all evidence based, medical grade treatments, which have the potential to significantly change your skin, face and body, also carry the small risk of doing harm; this deserves an open and honest conversation including cost before we begin. This is the least we can offer you, to understand your expectations and to help you see what is realistically possible, so that you are not left with regret, or feeling pressured into treatments before you are ready.

For some treatments, a cooling off period is a legal requirement. Since July 2020, the Medical Board (AHPRA) guidelines (regarding the provision of cosmetic procedures) require that a consultation is performed, followed by a "cooling-off" period for more involved procedures, prior to treatment, without any rushing on the day.

No two faces or skin or concerns are alike, and so it is important not to take a one-size-fits-all approach to aesthetics or skincare, no matter how tempting. Individualised consultations and personalised care is vital for a longterm therapeutic relationship as well as helping patients decide what is possible and realistic for them within their budget.

At Skin Essentials, you will be fully informed of pre- and post-treatment care to optimise results and of any downtime so that you can plan treatments appropriately in addition to personalised quotes for your specific and individual concerns.

Your safety is our priority and we want patients who are as informed as possible, with realistic expectations that help you feel empowered and excited to be embarking on the journey to investing in yourself.

All of this takes more than a cursory, complimentary consultation designed to "convert" patients to treatment on the day, even if they have come in believing they know what they want and even if they have had the same elsewhere for months or years. As a doctor led clinic, it is our medical duty and obligation to take a thorough medical history and explore your wants and to advise if we are able to help you.

What happens in an initial consultation?

- please arrive 10 minutes early, especially if you have not completed the forms emailed to you on booking prior.
- please bring along required 100 point ID - we will ask for your Medicare card and driver's licence as well as any other necessary documents mandated by state laws such as Covid-19 vaccine certificates
- please arrive makeup free, and with hair tied back and off the face and neck.

During your initial consultation, we will take some standard clinical photos of you with your consent. These are stored securely as part of your medical records and are subject to our strict Privacy Policy.

We will also discuss your medical history, medications , previous treatments and your current skincare routine. We ask that you bring all medications and your skincare routine with you or take a picture of it all prior to your appointment and email it to us.

We will go into some depth discussing what you are hoping to get out of any treatments if you were to go ahead, as well as your expectations of how that will affect you in your day to day life and how quickly you expect results. This will enable us to formulate a treatment plan that takes into account your lifestyle, timeline and budget and to determine if we can work well together. If we are not a good fit, we will inform you of this at this consultation. 

In some cases, same-day treatments may be available but there is no pressure to go ahead on the day or to buy products if you are not ready to do so. We recognise that aesthetics is an entirely elective, non essential treatment option and as much as is possible, we want your experiences with us at Skin Essentials to be a happy and empowering one.

If we do decide to work together, we agree that you will work with us exclusively and that you will show up to every agreed-to appointment for best results. Patients who go to multiple practitioners, are hesitant, change their minds, or reschedule more than once will be discharged from the clinic with our best wishes as you will not obtain optimal results. 
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