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Please note – prices are a guide, and your actual cost will be discussed with you on the day after a consultation and assessment by Dr Joshi.

All our cosmetic injectables are performed by a highly qualified and experienced medical doctor and therefore our prices can not be compared to those available from commercial chain clinics utilising nurse injectors.

Consultation fees are $80 and not usually rebateable under Medicare. The consultation fee is redeemable towards any treatment undertaken on the day only.

Any quoted prices are valid from the date of the consultation and prices are subject to review and inflation every July.

anti wrinkle facial treatments

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

  • Treatment is usually in units and is highly variable.
  • Males generally need higher doses due to stronger muscle activity for the same effect as a female.
  • $15/unit
  • Bruxism (50 units usually) $750
  • Hyperhidrosis (100 units) $1200
  • Gummy smile, bunny lines $150/area
  • Nasal flare, pebble chin $200/ area
  • Allergy treatment $150/treatment
  • Shoulder and calf slimming treatments individual dose after assessment
dermal fillers liverpool

Dermal Fillers

An initial consultation and assessment is vital to determine your concerns and needs, and what type of filler you need for your desired effect. This will be discussed with you and an accurate price quoted based on this assessment. Prices quoted below are for a single treatment session.

  • 1 ml (lips) $550-650
  • 1 ml eyes, cheeks, temples $650-700
  • 1 ml chins, jawlines $700 – 750 depending on thickness
  • Non surgical rhinoplasty $1000 fixed fee
  • 2 mls $1300
  • 3 mls $1900
  • 4 mls $2400
  • 5-8 mls $575/ml
fat dissolving injections for double chin treatment

Fat Dissolving Injections

  • Chin fat – minimum 2 sessions required as a rule $2500 paid upfront for both sessions
  • Jowls – 2 sessions from $1500 for both
  • Bra fat/ back fat – assessment needed to advise individually.
thread lift sydney

Threads and ThreadLifts

  • Mono threads – begin at $500/small area eg under eyes, individually assessed for accurate price
  • Threadlifts - $250/thread for PDO threads and $500/thread for PLLA threads, assessed by Dr Joshi when planning

Biosimulator Fillers

  • Biostimulator Filler S $900/vial
  • Biostimulator Filler R $1050/syringe

Skin Therapies

Chemical Peels

These will be individualised to you, your skin concerns and needs. Peels begin from $120/session and based on their mix and strength will vary in cost upto $350/peel for melasma (Mela Peel Forte – will need prior skin prep with at home skincare sold as a package prior)

Skin Needling

  • $350/session, face
  • $400/session face and neck
  • $500/ session face, neck and decolletage
  • Add in PRP for $200/session

RF Microneedling

  • $630/session, face
  • $730/session face and neck
  • $900/session face, neck and decolletage


1 tube $550/tube

Laser Toning

  • $300/session, face
  • $400/session face and neck
  • $500/session, face, neck and decolletage

Tattoo Removal

Needs prior assessment to determine size and cost and number of sessions.


LED Light Therapy

$80 standalone, $40 as an add-on to other treatments


$80 standalone, $50 as an add-on prior to skin needling/ RF skin needling/ laser toning.

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