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At Skin Essentials, we take our duty to our patients and the medical model of care seriously. 

Our main services are as follows, each with its own separate consultation type: 

  • Skin cancer checks including excision of any unusual lumps and bumps, skin tags and more. 
  • Skin & medical problems including acne, acne scarring, pigmentation as well as teeth grinding and excessive sweating 
  • Full Face Approach to facial balancing and restoration, our signature approach to address the ageing face as explained here

These are our only advertised services. 

We do NOT offer anti wrinkle treatment only, cheek/lip filler services, fat dissolving injections or anything similar, only a full face approach to medical aesthetics which will include a combination of what is needed to help restore the ageing face back to youth and vitality, depending on the concerns, assuming they are not “surgery only”. 

Why are we so stringent? 

Patients being sold the idea of medical procedures, including drugs, being “just beauty” promoted heavily by Pharma and injected by often inexperienced injectors are one of the biggest reasons we see the epidemic of distorted and overfilled faces as well as avoidable complications that can put people off having ANY medical aesthetics. 

Anyone with some decent training and experience of facial anatomy and facial ageing understands that faces don’t age in isolation, like compartments of a house, and the whole face needs assessment and treatment for harmonious results using a multi-technique approach. 

At Skin Essentials, we strongly encourage this full face approach  for best results in patients who are ready, realistic and willing and able to budget over a period of time, typically 4-6 months and 4-6 visits  for final results by 9-12 months, at which point we enter the maintenance phase for successive years. 

All new patients need an initial consultation where Dr Imaan spends the time needed to assess your concerns and advise on best steps including skincare personalised to you, injectables (anti wrinkle injections as well as fillers)  as well as skin therapies and an accurate quote to achieve these results so we can get started. 

We aim to build trust slowly and for us to continue working exclusively together for years to come. 

We are results driven for longterm relationships with our patients. 

Our services are reassuringly expensive and we freely acknowledge that we are not for everyone. 

As a ballpark estimate depending on your age when starting and the degree of concerns to address and improve, you’d be looking at anywhere from $6k to upwards of $15k  in the first year to reach maintenance for the face.

Our most common demographic is women in the age ranges 35-55 and the average spend over the first 4-6 months averages $12-15k. Thereafter annual maintenance is around $6k.  

Treatments in the initial phase are clustered close together and typical results take around 3-6 months depending in large part on your consistency. 

Thereafter, maintenance is far more manageable on your wallet and your calendar. 

It is important to us in the interests of transparency that you are aware of this prior to booking an appointment and ready to begin if appropriate on the day as results heavily depend on your readiness  and willingness to follow the treatment plan created for you with Dr Imaan. 

What is next? 

Now that you have an idea of the kind of investment that is required and have had a look at our Instagram pages at some of our results, you can decide for yourself and book when ready to commence. 

As  of March 2023, we are limiting the number of new patients we take on each month who are ready to begin the Full Face Aesthetics approach, with no new patients taken on in November and December. 

Once these spots are filled, new patients will be unable to make an appointment till spots open the following month though you’re welcome to book, prepay the non refundable consultation fee and email us to get onto a waiting list earlier. 

Upon booking, you will be emailed a new patient intake form and we require this is completed within 48 hours so we can ensure you have chosen correctly and are likely to be suitable. If you are unsuitable, or you have not completed the form within 48 hours, your appointment will be cancelled and your fee refunded so we can offer the spot to someone else. 

All prices are a guide, an accurate quote will be provided following consultation; prices are also subject to change in line with inflation Jan/Feb each year and July each year for Medicare rebateable services and occasionally without warning if suppliers raise prices unexpectedly so please check before booking if this will impact you. 

We also offer third party finance via TLC if this is of interest to you. 


anti wrinkle facial treatments

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

  • Treatment is usually in units and is varies depending on your face and the strength of your facial muscles.
  • The following prices are a guide.
  • Males generally need  higher doses due to stronger muscle activity for the same effect as a female.
  • We carry all 4 TGA registered brands of toxin in clinic.  
  • Full face toxin to a typical female face begins from $800 4 times a year and more typical dose for someone 30s+ is closer to $1k 
  • As a guide, doses for treating certain areas of the face are typically (for a female face; males may need more): 
    • frown lines from 20-30 units 
    • forehead lines from 12-20 units 
    • crows feet from 12-20 units 
    • a female upper face (frown, forehead and crows feet) on average needs 50 units, subject to assessment and your wishes in terms of softening vs freezing and lasts 3-4 months on average
    • Bruxism/teeth grinding/facial slimming from $800
    • Hyperhidrosis from $1200; sweaty palms/ soles of feet from $800
    • Gummy smile, bunny lines from $250/area
    • Nasal flare, pebble chin $250/ area
    • Allergy/hayfever treatment $300/treatment
    • Shoulder and calf slimming treatments individual dose after assessment

Please note minimum spend for anti wrinkle treatment is $250 at any given appointment. 

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periorbital filler

Dermal Fillers

We do not offer dermal filler packages, nor do we offer filler by the syringe for specific areas eg lips, or cheeks or tear troughs. 

These are all determinations you will make with your doctor to come up with the best plan for you to address your concerns. We charge a flat rate for most brands of dermal filler with some exceptions for filler used for the lower face, around chin and jaws. 

Prices quoted  include complimentary ultrasound facial mapping if required for higher risk areas. We do not offer a 0.5ml syringe option. 


fat dissolving injections for double chin treatment

Fat Dissolving Injections

  • Chin fat – from $800/session depending on size of area
  • Jowls – 2 sessions from $1800 for both sides
  • Bra fat/ back fat – assessment needed to advise individually from $900/session/area
  • abdominal fat - usually needs assessment for accurate quote, usually twice as much product as bra and back fat/ session 
  • Usually a minimum of 2 sessions 4 weeks apart are needed for best results, and possibly more. 
  • You will also be advised at your assessment if you’d benefit more from an alternative option such as FaceTite. 

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thread lift sydney

Threads and ThreadLifts

  • Mono threads – from $500/small area eg under eyes, individually assessed for accurate price

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Biosimulator Fillers

Biostimulator fillers work differently to HA fillers in that they generally stimulate your own collagen over 6-12 weeks, which is then yours to maintain over time. For this reason, a series of treatments is needed intially, usually 2-3 sessions a month apart, after which maintenance is a single session every 6-12 months, like all collagen inducing therapies. 

  • Biostimulator Filler brand S $1200/vial
  • Biostimulator Filler brand R $1250/syringe (1.5ml)
  • Biostimulator Filler brand P $900/syringe (2mls) 
  • non refundable 50% deposit of the total fee is needed for Brand S as the filler needs to be made up 3 days prior to treatment 
  • Biostimulator Filler for hip dips and buttock enhancement for Brands S and R on average needs around 5 vials/session over 2-3 sessions 

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RF Lipolysis 

  • Accutite - is permanent fat dissolving using radiofrequency and is suitable for small areas of fat eg fatty upper and lower eyelids; fat around the mouth; upper brow and other smaller body areas such as underarms and bra fat.
    • A consultation is needed to assess for suitability and to plan as there is a period of careful aftercare for best results with 50% non refundable deposit prior to the procedure with the rest payable by the day of treatment. 
  • Results are permanent and usually only a single session is needed. From $2500 per area 
  • Facetite/BodyTite - is suitable for larger areas of fatty tissue with mild/ moderate sagging  eg jowls, chin fat, neck fat and small pockets of back fat as well as abdomen, inner thighs etc 
    • A consultation is needed to assess for suitability and to plan, as above and results are permanent and usually only a single session needed.
    • Prices from $5000 depending on size of area of to be treated. 
  • Prices are a guide, and if the areas have been treated with fat dissolving injections prior, with anticipated scarring, there may be an additional fee. 

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  • Hair loss treatment service for both men and women.
  • This service starts at $2,200 for three monthly sessions and can help alleviate thinning hair.
  • Treatment includes 1 PRP tube/ session, a prescription hair loss lotion designed for you and LED light therapy/ session. More than 1 tube/ session will be extra, and quoted to you at your consultation. 
  • After the initial 3 sessions, maintenance is a single session every 6 months - $750/session of PRP + LLLT 

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Skin Therapies

Chemical Peels

These will be individualised to you, your skin concerns and needs.

Physician-only peels begin from $150/session and based on their mix and strength will vary in cost upto $350/peel for melasma (Mela Peel Forte – will need prior skin prep with at home skincare sold as a package prior)

  • lactic acid peels from $200/session
  • salicylic acid peels from $200/session
  • Vit A peels from $250/session
  • Depigmentation peels from $350/session 

All assessment for chemical peels require a consultation prior to determine suitability and most patients will require personalised skincare which may include prescription medication for 6-8 weeks prior to prepare the skin before the sessions. 


Skin Needling

  • $350/session, face
  • $400/session face and neck
  • $500/ session face, neck and décolletage 

RF Microneedling

  • $900 with Vivace or Morpheus8 (usually 3 monthly sessions then maintenance with a single session every 6 months) 
  • $990 Vivace/Morpheus8
  • $1090 Vivace/ Morpheus8 
  • Strong Morpheus8 session with injected local anaesthetic (usually 2 sessions needed) $1500/session for the face, $2000 for face and neck to collarbones


  • 1 tube $750/tube
  • add-on skin needling for an additional $200 per area  $100 for each additional area
  • eg Skin needling with PRP to face $900; face + neck $1000; face + neck + décolleté $1100 

Laser Toning

  • $300/session, face
  • $400/session face and neck
  • $500/session, face, neck and decolletage
  • Packages of 3 sessions at a time, paid upfront are available at 10% off, to be used within 6 months of payment for best results. 
  • Add-on LED light therapy $50/session 

Tattoo Removal

Needs prior assessment to determine size and cost and number of sessions.


LED Light Therapy

$80 standalone, $50 as an add-on to other treatments

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