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lip filler injections

Lip Filler Injections

Why a whole page dedicated to lips?

For many young people, lip fillers are often the gateway to injectables and if you believe the hype on social media, big lips are IN.

What often happens however is the opposite.

Most young people I see walk in, often with pictures of their favourite lips, thinking that a single session of 1ml will do the trick and often walk away disappointed. Or, they get seduced by the price on offer at many chain clinics, with rushed staff, and walk away, again, disappointed, or looking ducky.

It need not be this way. After all, bad lip fillers are hard to look away from, so it makes sense that if you want to go bigger while still remaining in sync, a whole face approach to your
face is the best approach.

natural lip fillers

At Skin Essentials, we have two types of patients requesting lip fillers – those young enough that they want to go slighty bigger, or who may lack naturally full lips. And those beginning to show signs of ageing, from mid 30s onwards, where the lips have begun flattening, drooping at the corners, giving them a sad look, and bony changes underneath mean the nose to lip distance is growing, leading to an aged look.

As you may appreciate by the paragraph above, taking a one size (and 1ml) fits all approach would clearly be doing both types of patients a disservice.

So we begin, as always, with an initial consultation- we put aside time to discuss your wants, your needs, your goals and your budget. We discuss what is possible, over how much time,
and associated costs, and then you get to decide if you want to go ahead, or not.

To our mind, most people, especially if they have some deficiency to begin with, will need more than a single session to get to the lips of their dreams, assuming that is even possible, without looking ducky/ trouty/ Marge Simpson-like so it is important to have that conversation early, and first because nothing is worse than mismatched expectations.

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