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injectable treatments for men

Cosmetic Injectables For Men

Think wrinkles concern only women?

According to the Cosmetic Physicians Society in Australasia, 77 per cent of men surveyed felt it was “acceptable to undergo non-surgical cosmetic procedures” — only 10 per cent less than the women who shared that view. The procedure of choice? Anti-wrinkle injections.

It’s a tough world out there, and as men are working longer and retiring later, there’s pressure to look their freshest, and not “old enough to retire”.

Cosmetic procedures today carry much less of a stigma compared to years ago, and a recent study that found a 258% increase in men getting anti-wrinkle injections this past decade. “In addition, men today are more honest about their appearance-related concerns, and can gain a boost in self-esteem from their more youthful appearance, similar to women, who have always borne the brunt of looking perennially youthful.

Whether you’re looking to smooth out some worry lines, fill them in – or just give your skin a bit of a boost – we can help at Skin Essentials, from skincare basics all the way to injectables without looking fake or frozen.

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