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Dr. Imaan Joshi has been featured on television stations, podcasts and other news outlets throughout Australia. Please follow her by visiting the following websites:


Medical Misinformation, the Ongoing Vaxx Debate ad the COVID Vaccine for Children

Beauty Boom in the Age of Zoom (Part 1 of 4) 

Face Value — Ethnic ambiguity and the Kardashian effect (Part 2 of 4) 

Face Value: Killer Curves & Harsh Realities (Part 3 of 4) 

Face Value Empowerment or Exploitation (Part 4 of 4)


Studio 10 Appearance 

Blogs & Other Publications

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The Problems Many Female Doctors Face

Warning Over Unregulated Cosmetic Procedures

Sun Protection Myths Debunked

At Home Beauty Devices: What Works and What Doesn't Work

Best Acne Treatments

Best Skin Care Routine for Women in Their 50s

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Can Healthy Food Improve Your Skin? 

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Dermal Fillers: When To Have Them Dissolved

5 Reasons for Sensitive Skin 

Medical Skincare: Everything You Need To Know

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