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Harrington Park Skin Care Clinic

Harrington Park is the perfect place for you, especially if you enjoy a mix of everything. From beautiful sceneries to outstanding cuisine, you will have the experience to behold here.
Whereas Harrington Park offers you one of the most admirable ambiences, it has a challenge in finding reliable skin care clinics.
There are skin care clinics almost everywhere you turn. And while this sounds like a good thing, it is essential to note all clinics are reliable and can offer quality skincare services. Nevertheless, Skin Essentials is here to your rescue.
Being one of the most reliable skin care clinics in Harrington Park, Skin Essentials offers you various skin care treatments to address multiple skin issues.

Skin Care Services in Harrington Park

1. Injectable Skin Treatment in Harrington Park
Injectable treatments are have proved to be practical solutions to most skin issues, from wrinkles to sunken faces. For example, At Skin Essentials, we offer injectable treatments to address wrinkles.
With the anti-wrinkle treatment, we guarantee more natural and tight skin. In addition, our specialists have expertise dealing with all skin complexion so you can be assured that you are in safe hands!

2. Fat Removal Services
Cellulite is a common skin issue among men and women alike in Harrington Park. Unfortunately, most of the available home remedies for fat reduction are not effective. However, Skin Essentials’ fat dissolving injections are a reliable solution to address excess fat.
We use tried and tested chemical substances targeted at various small fat pockets to remove excess fat permanently. For example, if the excess fat is in the jowls or under the chin, your doctor will inject these areas. Unfortunately, the injected area will swell, followed by an inflammation of the fat cells, leading to significant destruction.

3. Non Facial Treatments in Harrington Park
Most people take maximum care of the face and neglect other parts such as the chest and neck. Our non-facial treatment focus on addressing skin problems in other parts of the body. We help you achieve total body transformation without leaving jarring results.
During the initial consultation, the specialist will assess your skin conditions to determine the best treatment approach for you. For instance, non-facial treatment like the IPL treatment can be used to address sun damage and pigmentation.

4. Skin Therapies
Using various skin therapies can help address diverse skin issues. One of the reasons why Skin Essentials is a reliable skin care clinic in Harrington Park is the overreliance on evidence-based treatments.
At our clinic, we emphasize holistic patient-centred care to guarantee you healthy skin. Our specialists carry an in-depth assessment of your skin to ascertain its concerns and adopt the best possible skincare therapy.
Our skin therapies include:
- Microdermabrasion
- Led therapy
- Intense pulsed light
- China doll facial
- Switch laser
- RF micro-needling
- Skincare
- Skinboosters
- Skin needling

Final Thoughts

You will have numerous skincare issues as you age – from developing wrinkles to your skin becoming loose. Learning how to address such problems early can help you maintain healthy skin.
Full face rejuvenation in combination with skin therapies can help you address most skin issues. However, you need to engage an experienced dermatologist in your skincare process.
If you are in Harrington Park, the doctors are Skin Essentials will help you achieve the skin glow you crave. Get in touch today to schedule the initial consultation.
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