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Contact Reaction to Cosmetics - What do you need to know?

It is the job of the beauty industry to sell us all the hype and the myth of the perfect ingredient that will address and fix our skin, hair and other beauty woes for a bargain or by selling us a package. As a doctor, I see the flip side of this regularly, in the […]

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Common Myths about Sun Protection

There have been decades of public health education around skin cancer, yet Australia remains the skin cancer capital of the world. Australia has some of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world – in fact, UV radiation is strong enough to cause sunburn in as little as 11 minutes on a fine summer […]

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Green Flags when seeking your Aesthetic Practitioner

Every few weeks of late, it seems, we are seeing posts on social media of young women with rare complications due to injectables, namely, dermal filler. Not that long ago, it was a young woman who posted of her experience on TikTok. Shortly after, well known influencer Lily Ghalichi posted of her own experience with […]

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Gearing Up With the Right Sun Protection

According to the Skin Health Institute, skin cancer caused by lack of sun protection is a major issue faced by Australians: At least 2 out of 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70. Over 400,00 Australians suffer from skin cancer each year. About 95% to 99% of skin […]

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Giving the Gift of Skin Care for the Holidays

During the holiday season, skin care products are often a popular gift. At Skin Essentials here in Sydney, we offer vouchers that your loved ones can use to purchase a skin care consult, services from our physical clinic, or items from our ecommerce store. Some of the skin care products that you purchase from other […]

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5 common reasons why sensitive skin struggles with skincare

It is not uncommon for patients to present reporting they have sensitive skin. Equally, it is common to see patients presenting after product overuse, or combining the wrong active ingredients and developing contact dermatitis or worse as a result. One of the first things a skin consultation is designed to help us determine is whether […]

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Pushing Back against the System - Where do you draw the line?

It is refreshing to see journalists write about the dissonance of seeing women, often around their own age, on screens, who seem to be resisting the societal pressure to undergo injectables and other aesthetic treatments, known, in the wrong hands, to “go overboard” and to alter the face, or simply, freeze it, alongside their own […]

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Adult Female Acne AKA Hormonal Acne

One of my favourite cartoonists Lainey Molnar, recently put up a comic capturing what acne can be like for many of us. We may laugh and it is funny. Equally, it is one of the commonest presentations to doctors for women past the age of 25.             Adolescence is meant […]

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Zoom Dysmorphia - How does it affect you?

It is likely true that before early 2020, Zoom was not a well known remote conferencing system, and if we'd bought shares in it, we'd like be very very wealthy now. That aside, most of us have used teleconferencing extensively, for meetings and even for patient consultations that we would in days prior, have conducted […]

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Introducing RFAL to Skin Essentials - AccuTite and FaceTite

Shortly prior to the Greater Sydney lockdown, we added a new machine and technology to our repertoire of what is possible in clinic, the Embrace RF machine that allows us to offer RFAL, also known as RadioFrequency Assisted Lipolysis. AccutTite™ & FacetTite™ are revolutionary minimally invasive cannula devices that contour and precisely deliver radiofrequency to […]

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Video Consultations for Skin and Aesthetic Concerns

Telehealth- what's not to love about it? One of the nicest things to come out of the pandemic is the fast tracking of the ways in which humans can remain connected, via video communication, including in Health. For those of our patients who are limited by geography, whether they were outside of the 5km radius […]

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Reopening Post Sydney Lockdown

Valid as at 30/09/2021 Skin Essentials will reopen the week beginning 11th October 2021. ​Per NSW government regulations, only double vaccinated patients will be served when we reopen and we will be checking vaccination certificates for all patients upon booking. This requirement may change as of December 1st, and we will advise you accordingly. Please […]

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7 Reasons for your Dark Undereye Circles

  Dark circles under the eyes are among the commonest reasons people, mostly women, seek help with as early as their late teens and early twenties. Among the reasons cited- well meaning but unhelpful comments from family, friends and even colleagues about looking tired such that people become self conscious even looking at themselves in […]

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9 Ways our Faces Change as we Age

I love watching the natural progression of the ageing face. Often the best way to do this, is vicariously, through television shows and movies. Unlike much of social media and heavily curated and filtered pictures, the medium of animated shows still retain some degree of honesty about the ageing process. Additionally there is a small […]

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Your Decade by Decade Guide to Ageing Well

  People look at me funny when I talk about prevention.   I am a primary care doctor, ie a specialist GP, aka Primary Care Physician and our focus and training tends to be holistic, cradle to grave care and a big part of that, is preventing problems before they occur. As someone who has […]

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4 Limitations of a Skincare-Only approach to Ageing Well

In my work as a cosmetic physician (and even in my work as a skincancer doctor) I regularly have the discussion with patients who are beginning to see signs of ageing they dislike as early as their 20s, about options. I have come to realise that for women at least, as the vast majority who […]

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Personalised Skin Care

Personalised skin care is not only a wellness trend, it’s a lifestyle choice that you can make that will not only make you happier, but will help you find the skin care treatments that are right for you. Personalised skin care is the future of skin health. There are many benefits to individuals that want […]

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Common Skin Care Treatments

There are many skin care treatments that are a good fit for patients. One of the benefits of working with Skin Essentials is that there is not a one-size fits all approach to skin care. During your patient intake session, we will get all the information from you necessary to recommend the right skin care […]

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What Causes Our Skin To Age?

Aging is a fact of life. However, there are certain precautions that we can take to help protect our skin. Exposure to sunlight is the single largest culprit for aging and wrinkling skin. UV exposure from the sun can cause elastin to break down in the skin. Additionally, as we age, collagen production tends to […]

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Reasons to Consider Biostimulator Fillers over Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

It seems to be everywhere we look. Pillow face. Overfilled. He used to be so handsome, now he just looks odd. She used to be beautiful, now when she talks, she just looks WRONG. There are examples of people who have gone too far with dermal fillers, aka hyaluronic acid fillers- Zac Efron comes to […]

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Personalised Skin Care - The Regimen you did not know you need

The personalized skin care and beauty worlds are dazzling and baffling with its array of products for sale, backed by influencers touting the benefits and showcasing their uses on all social media channels one might be on. But it begs the question - how are you to choose a skincare regimen that will suit you? […]

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Dissolving Fillers

As it becomes easier and easier to access anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers in chain clinics and via mobile setups in hair and beauty salons, it is also becoming more common to see adverse outcomes due to some of these treatments, in part due to inexperienced and new injectors often left on their own […]

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Common Myths about Anti Wrinkle Injections You did not know

Despite all the chatter about anti wrinkle injections and treatments on social media, I regularly meet patients of all ages who come to see me asking for anti wrinkle treatments who do not necessarily understand how it works, or how it differs from dermal fillers. As a medical professional, patient centered care is a central […]

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Can there ever be such a thing as a safe tan?

There are many myths around sun protection and suntanning in Australia, a land with plenty of sun year round. Is there such thing as a safe tan?  We frequently hear of how people don’t like having “pasty white skin”, how they love the feel of the sun on their skin and in skin cancer clinic […]

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Limitations of Dermal Fillers

With the boom of Aesthetics globally, especially since the pandemic, when most of us have been looking at ourselves via a Zoom lens far more than ever before, coupled with hours spent mindlessly scrolling through perfectly curated, often photoshopped and filter-heavy images on Social Media, has come a demand for aesthetic procedures, especially dermal fillers […]

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