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Frown lines

Frown Lines Treatment

Frown lines are composed principally of two sets of muscles that work together to produce the frown – one of the muscles, the procerus, pulls in a downward manner, and in those who utilise this actively, gives a horizontal line across the bridge of the nose over time.

The other set of muscles, the corrugaters, pull the eye brown down and in towards the bridge of the nose, folding the skin like an accordion or leading, with constant use, to the 11s, two vertical lines visible between the eyebrows.

The commonest reason people cite for treating the frown is that they are regarded as angry/ cranky or simply bad tempered and it often upsets them, especially when they are neither.

how to get rid of frown lines

The frown is also responsible, in those with strong muscles, for pulling the eyelids down, and giving the eyes a hooded appearance, which is the opposite of a fresh, alert and awake look that most of us aim to achieve in our day to day lives. In such people, treating the frown often has a remarkable effect of opening the eyes and giving them a rejuvenated appearance, the “back from holidays” look.

Average dose in a female begins around 20 units

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