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Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

For most patients at Skin Essentials, the treatment descriptions that follow will make up parts of their personalised Full Face Rejuvenation (FFR) journey since we don’t offer treatments to go, but reading about the breakdowns and how they work may help prospective patients understand the role of each treatment option in the overall suggested treatment plan for their concerns. 

For many patients, their first foray into injectables is usually via anti wrinkle treatments, and with good reason!

A drug that was, for decades used to treat medical conditions in the 1970s such as strabismus (cross eye) the rejuvenating cosmetic properties of the botulinum toxin was almost a fluke when scientists noticed it smoothed the frown lines in injected monkeys.

The face is one of the most mobile parts of our bodies. Humans are perhaps the only species that can engage in body language and related to that, have such variable emotions on our faces. So it makes sense that over time, the same muscles that enable us to indicate if we are happy, sad, angry and so on, will also, like grooves left by tyre tracks on a smooth surface, leave marks on our faces, in the form of wrinkles, initially when when we express our emotions (dynamic lines) then over time, even at rest (static lines) which are much harder to erase completely. 

Having wrinkles when we express joy, sadness and anger is not unusual, babies and children do this too, it is only when these wrinkles and lines become imprinted into the skin, that they bother us.

At Skin Essentials, we encourage softening movement, rather than freezing entire groups of muscles, which can lead to an unpleasant appearance and is unrealistic as an expectation for the full 3-4 months of treatment effect. 

female hands on face

With the passing of years, for those of us with very active, mobile faces, and with age, these repetitive movements leave their mark on our faces, initially mainly when animated and eventually, even at rest.

By the time I see someone, unless they are looking for preventive care, they come in because they get unsolicited comments on their appearance:

  • You look angry/ cranky
  • You look mad!
  • you look sad” etc, which can often be distressing for people to hear, especially when they do not feel that way at all.

At Skin Essentials we stock all 3 popular brands available in Australia but principally use one that we believe yields the least stiff, most natural appearing results and which also has less evidence to suggest eventual immunity to the drug, with decreased efficacy.

Prices are slightly variable, and as a general rule, they’re based on $16/unit.

anti wrinkle injections for frown lines

Below you will see some guide as to cost for anti wrinkle injections to different parts of the face, and range of cost.

Prices are slightly variable, and as a general rule, they’re based on $16/unit.

Below you will see some guide as to cost for anti wrinkle injections to different parts of the face, and range of cost for a female face. Male faces, due to higher muscle strength, usually need larger doses for the same effect.

When you initially begin anti wrinkle treatments, we recommend you aim to have repeat treatments every 3 months, even if the initial dose seems to wear off earlier – when muscle activity is strong, the best indicator of the “right for you” dose is a good outcome at your complimentary review visit at 2 weeks –at this visit, you should expect to be a bit “frozen” with very little movement; if this is the case,  it is unlikely you need a higher dose next time, even if it seems to begin to wear off at the 6-8 week mark, with gradual return to full movement by 3 months; a higher dose is not only more costly, it risks a heavier/ more frozen appearance for longer initially each time.

If you have etched in lines that you’re hoping to soften, it’s important to recognise that regular treatments with a higher than average dose every 3 months is initially recommended for the first 12 months to begin to soften and fade these lines. Dr Imaan will discuss this with you at your initial appointment. 

Medical Uses For Anti Wrinkle Treatments

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