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Radio Frequency Lipolysis (RFAL) 

AccutTite™ & FacetTite™ are revolutionary minimally invasive cannula devices that contour and precisely deliver radiofrequency to reduce facial fat and tighten skin, under local anaesthesia in an office-based procedure, also referred to as RFAL or RadioFrequency Lipolysis. 

This FDA & TGA approved technology from Inmode, is an non-surgical procedure that allows Dr Joshi to target smaller areas of the face like brows, upper & lower eyelids, nasolabial folds, lower face and neck giving permanent fat reducing, skin tightening results approaching that of a surgical face and necklift without the associated cost, downtime or risks. It works well regardless of your skin colour.

  • Less downtime – compared to surgical alternatives though surgery is still the gold standard.
  • Long-lasting results – results can last 3-5 years
  • At Skin Essentials, this is performed by a Dr trained in surgery

What is RFAL?

RFAL is a new technology that bridges the gap between non surgical treatments such as injectables, and plastic surgery  for patients who are not ready for this, or who are not yet suitable for this.

Where can this be used?

The RFAL probes can be used in multiple areas of the face where there is accumulation of fat due to the ageing process and/or mild to moderate skin laxity with wrinkles that would benefit from permanent tightening and lift.

Liposuction is great for larger areas, but a well known side effect of liposuction alone especially in the older face and neck, is removal of the fat without any additional skin tightening procedure, leaving skin laxity, also referred to as "turkey neck". RFAL seeks to address this and avoid the loose skin by melting fat AND inducing collagen in the one procedure. 

Common areas include:

  • the area above the brows which begin to sag with age
  • the area under the brows, along the upper and lower eyelid, with fat accumulation and sagging
  • the smile folds and area around the mouth, which may see fat descending from the lateral face descending here, forming a pouch
  • one of the commonest areas where fat redistributes with age, the lower face, causing jowls and pooling under the chin and neck

How does RFAL work? 

  • it is minimally invasive, and the procedure takes around 1-2 hours in total with the patient awake, though it is possible to administer light sedation if they wish.
  • it is conducted using local anaesthetic, similar to threadlifts, and when you go to the dentist
  • it works by melting fat in areas where its appearance adds to a heavy and unattractive look, and heating the skin at the same time, inducing tightening and collagen production that will be most apparent over the following 3 months. 
  • it is a permanent procedure and results are expected to last anywhere from 3-5 years, though it may be repeated in a year's time if needed with larger volumes of fat.
  • the procedure does not replace a facelift and neck lift if you are a suitable candidate for these.




Please note individual results may vary based on patient skin quality, age, compliance with instructions, budget and expectations and no guarantee can be made about results or outcomes.

A consultation to determine suitability, plan the procedure and consent with respect to downtime and common and rare side effects is necessary as the procedure takes around 2 hours. A 20% non refundable deposit is required to secure the procedural appointment and by law, a cooling off period of a week is necessary after the consultation.

What can I expect after the procedure? 

  • you will be able to drive yourself home unless you chose to be sedated, when you will need to have someone drive you home.
  • you will likely be able to work the next day if you wish.
  • you will have some bruising, swelling and some discomfort for a few days, usually 7-10 days, manageable in most with simple painkillers over the counter.
  • results will take upto 3 months to be fully apparent

Ready to find out more? Begin by booking a consultation for an accurate assessment of suitability and a detailed quote based on your areas of concern.


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