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Personalised Skin Care - The Regimen you did not know you need

The personalized skin care and beauty worlds are dazzling and baffling with its array of products for sale, backed by influencers touting the benefits and showcasing their uses on all social media channels one might be on.

But it begs the question - how are you to choose a skincare regimen that will suit you?

The industry is showing no signs of slowing down, and only of increasing over the years to come, with sales set to rise also if predictions are to be believed. 

Getting Back to the Basics With Personalized Skin Care

Weekly, when I consult with patients, I see that a large numbers of many skin concerns and problems are iatrogenic, ie caused by treatment, leading to disruption of the skin barrier, causing dryness, and even dermatitis due to over zealous use of too many products, often too concentrated or in combination with other ingredients that may cause issues. 

When this happens, almost without fail, I tend to discuss paring skincare back to the very basics, which usually consists of a simple cleanser, and spf during the day and a cleanser and moisturiser at night until the skin settles before we discuss anything more. So how do you choose a skincare regimen to suit your skin and its needs?

To answer that, I often explore with patients what good skin looks like to them as they age; what they are willing to do to invest in their skin as it ages, and what that investment looks like realistically. 

For many, it will focus solely on skincare regimens, but no injectables or in-clinic skin therapies. For others, it will be the opposite- a basic skincare regimen, and a monthly luxurious in-clinic treatment and for yet others, it may be everything I suggest. 

A Personalised Skin Care Regimen For Your Needs

This is where personalised skincare comes in. Not simply a bundle of cosmeceuticals sold to everyone, which is fine if you have no significant skin concerns, like it, it suits you, and the price is right, but an individualised treatment plan designed to help improve your skin, based on your current concerns, over 3-6 months of consistent use with regular support from us.

This is what an individualised skincare consultation at Skin Essentials is designed to do.

If you have essentially healthy skin free of any significant skin problems, concerns or diseases, we can recommend a simple skincare regimen from one of our cosmeceutical brands in addition to daily SPF to help you maintain results in between in-clinic treatments. We have a small range of curated cosmeceuticals we use and sell in clinic that we like the smell and feel of, which are also Australian brands. 

If, on the other hand, you have problem skin eg acne, rosacea or hyperpigmentation/ melasma, cosmeceuticals won't help as much as prescription compounded creams that we personalise to your skin and its needs, sold in clinic after compounding by our chosen curated skincare service, based on Evidence Based Science and designed to last you 3 months of daily use. This is supplemented by support from us and regular checkins over time. 

We have always offered skin consultations and since the pandemic, we can do this via Telehealth also if you are not local to us. Through this consultation we can talk you through what you are currently using, your skin concerns and problems, and ways to remedy that, should you choose, and how to do it and if we do choose, together, to go ahead with the suggested regimen, it will be mailed out to you, whether it is a compounded cream, or one of our cosmeceuticals products or sunscreen. 

More often than not, it will likely involve paring back what you are using if it might be contributing to your skin concerns, and returning to a very simple skincare routine, followed by adding in a prescribed product designed specifically for you and your concern.

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