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Summer Ready Skin Options

Not everyone wants to have injectables.  

The vast majority of people who contact us at Skin Essentials are afraid of injectables. 

They usually come in frightened of having lips or anything, that looks too obviously fake. 

They come in armed with pictures on Instagram of what they do NOT want to look like- big pouts, pillow faces, fake high cheekbones and more.

One patient said to me, “they look stunning in selfies but I have to wonder, with the almost cartoon-like faces, what do they look like when they talk and move their faces.” 

And that’s it exactly. None of the people I see, wants to look like that. 

They don’t want people to know they’ve had “work done” or “what work”. 

And some simply haven’t the budget for injectables but still want to age well.

So what options are there? 

I like to think of beautiful skin as a blank canvas for all kind of enhancements, from the barest of makeup, to injectables, if that’s your thing. So let’s go from the basics to the slightly more involved for those who are wary of injectables. 

1. Personalised skincare regimen

Not all skins are equal in the way they behave and react to chemicals placed on their surfaces. Knowledge is power and as much as automated systems can be to help you decide what skincare type or brand to use, the best way to do it is to enlist the help of someone who can sit with you and work out your own personalised regimen based on you, your lifestyle, your needs as well as your likelihood of compliance ie how likely are you to use the skin plan if it’s 5 steps vs 2 steps?

2. Medical Skin Peels 

These are simply great, in sets of 3-6 peels, for rejuvenating skin, removing the most superficial layer of skin allowing healthier skin underneath to come through. Over time, combined with step 1 above (home care) you’ll notice your skin feels smoother, more even toned and lustrous. Makeup if you wear it, will go on smoother and you’ll receive compliments on your skin. What’s not to love about that? Peels start at $120/session and may be booked with our therapist or Dr Joshi herself. 

3. Medical Skin Needling 

This is a 2-in-1 treatment- controlled micro trauma to the skin, ie controlled irritation and trauma, just enough to stress the skin out, without causing lasting damage, to stimulate new collagen and elastin production of your own, over time. We add in a cocktail of serums while the channels are open, to help them penetrate deeper. Results again, are, over 3-6 monthly sessions, smoother, firmer skin, tighter pores and skin that feels wonderful. Fantastic for all skin types, even those with melasma and hyperpigmentation, with adequate care taken. Price $350/session 

4. AquaGold AKA Mesotherapy with a cocktail of options 

This is a new treatment option of a cocktail of treatments, inserted just under the skin surface, to cause micro trauma similar to the skin needling, but with added benefits of a. Small dose of antiwrinkle treatment to tighten pores, b. Filler to help plump skin surface c. A mix of serums and a. And b. Above. Prices start from $600/session every 3 months.

5. SkinBoosters 

For ultimate hydration that’s long lasting year round, it’s hard to go past this treatment. We’ve posted on it here (link) and here (link) 

We recommend, for best results, an initial treatment of 3 sessions 2-3 weeks apart, 3mls each session ($700, normally $900) and then twice a year to maintain, 3mls ($900). Makeup will go on smoother, skin won’t feel as dry in winter, and look smooth, even and rejuvenated in summer. Win-win-win

6. BBL for skin rejuvenation 

For women who do NOT suffer from melasma/hyperpigmentation, this treatment is a win-win. The treatment itself has no downtime, and involves a test patch at the initial consult, to ensure no adverse effects before booking you in. We suggest 3 treatments a month apart for best results- smoother, plumper skin over time. Full face treatment from $349/session (also possible for hands and neck and décolletage) 

7. Laser for skin rejuvenation

Similar to BBL above in its collagen inducing properties but suitable for all skin types, laser toning involves no downtime, and we recommend minimum 3 sessions a month apart initially. 

8. Facials incorporating enzyme peels 

For those with sensitive skin, or prior to an event, this is the perfect option to have amazing skin as the enzymes slough away surface skin and reveal glowing skin underneath.

9. Hydrodermabrasion 

New in our offering, hydrodermabrasion is a gentler way to offer hydrodermabrasion with infusion of peptides and other serums to help you not only rejuvenate your skin but also help cleanse pores, help with acne and more. Prices from $140/session 

Confused? Book a consult with Dr Joshi and let her guide your choices with a personalised treatment plan that works with your lifestyle and budget. 

Finally, remember that any of these are in addition to, and AFTER 

  1. Sunscreen twice a day, SPF 30-50 under makeup if you wear it, and on top of your skincare. 
  2. Sun hat during the peak hours of the day (approximately 9-4) 
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Long sleeved clothing 
  5. NO smoking (or QUIT if you are) 
  6. Enough water and sleep 
  7. A healthy diet with lots of fruits and veggies 

Want to know more? Get in touch, make an appointment and let’s set up a treatment plan for you with Dr Joshi.

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