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Your Initial Consult with Dr Joshi

At Skin Essentials, we focus on a holistic treatment plan, with the aim being a long term relationship between you and our team of practitioners. 

As such, we encourage appointments so that adequate time is allocated to discuss your concerns, expectations and whether we can meet them in the allocated budget. 

At present, it is our policy that all new patients have an initial consultation with Dr Joshi. This can be booked online or on the phone. 


Prior to this appointment, we send you an email asking for information on you and your general health as well as your skin concerns, if any and what you’re hoping to achieve. It is in your best interest to fill this form out in detail prior to your appointment so we can set up a file for you, ready to go on the day of your appointment.

During your consultation, Dr Joshi will be assessing your face and skin in real time, including your skin concerns. She will also be analysing your skin quality, while asking for a detailed medical history.

Following this, she will conduct a skin analysis, including using equipment if needed, to assess for sun damage and (early) skin cancers, which will inform her advice to you and modify the treatment plan.

At this point, if all is well, she will suggest one or several things, based on your concerns and needs:

  • a skincare routine which can be basic, or more complicated, with prescription medication if needed
  • Any preparation needed prior to any suggested procedures and when to book for review/treatment next
  • Any procedure that MAY be undertaken that very day, at additional cost, if you are ready to go ahead
  • A review date and further treatment as needed
  • A written treatment plan for further treatment and a timeline and cost
  • We focus very much on the assumption that like holistic lifestyle changes, the road to your best skin ever is one that will take time, effort and regular appointments as well as budget, and not usually something attained in a single consult or two. Skin, especially neglected skin, takes time.


At Skin Essentials, we believe very much in patient autonomy and do not want anyone to feel pressured or rushed into something they may regret, especially when it is all entirely elective, non medically necessary and involves significant sums of money. 

We want you to be certain, and confident in our ability, not only during the procedure, but in the aftercare and ability to contact us for reassurance as needed. 

Hope to see you in clinic soon to plan your best skin ever for years to come!

Want to know more? Get in touch, make an appointment and let’s set up a treatment plan for you with Dr Joshi.

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