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SkinBoosters vs Skin Needling

A few weeks ago, my team and I were trained in the use of a machine that allows more uniform and less uncomfortable injection of the same drug used in dermal fillers, directly under the skin. 

I have posted about skinboosters before here and here. 

Until recently, I was doing these manually, with great results especially for acne scarring, but skin rejuvenation in general and for crepy skin around the lower face/chin/neck/decollatage and hands.

Lower face

Lower face

Full Face Skinboosters

So when the opportunity arose to add this machine to provide more even injection, I jumped at the opportunity. 

So what are Skinboosters? 

Put simply, they are made of the same sugar molecule used in dermal filler, but manufactured differently, so that instead of lifting and adding volume, they sit in or on skin and attract water to the area, improving skin quality, texture and adding much needed hydration to the area that lasts months. 

It is like a combination of skin needling with injection of medication that is beneficial for your skin directly under the skin – hyaluronic acid, as well as vitamins and other goodies. 

When we first trained, there was a tiny bit of a learning curve, and my technique left a bit to be desired on my model. 

What she ended up receiving was essentially, a skin needling session, with the medication smeared ON her skin, in direct contact with the areas that had been needled as soon as we had made those channels.

Before (with makeup)


Immediately after

24 hours later

However, she did not have the changes I was expecting soon after, which caused me to revisit my process, down to machine, equipment used and operator error. 

So this morning, we repeated the process on myself, before redoing our model in case it was operator error ie me. 

While numbing is usual and offered, I opted to go without as I wanted to see how uncomfortable it felt. 

Here is my skin before, note regular dryness

Here is my skin immediately after, with clean up

As you can see there are welts under my skin where the drug has been deposited directly under my skin. 

Over the next 2-3 weeks, I expect, from experience doing this manually on patients, that there will be smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, plumping of the skin and a general healthy luminous glow. 

For those affected by sun damage, over time, repeat treatments help these areas improve also, providing long lasting hydration to the damaged, irritated and dry skin. 

For novices we recommend 3 treatments of 3mls each time, 2 weeks apart – this is the biggest cost in terms of investment initially, setting you back about $2000. Thereafter, I recommend 3 mls every 6 months, ie twice a year to maintain skin in optimal condition. 

So if glowing, summer skin is on your wishlist for summer and the holidays, now is the perfect time to get started on your skin, with skinboosters. 

Remember, home care is important, but it is based largely on appropriate choice of products, chosen for you as part of your personalised treatment plan, that works best, and most medications are better IN skin than just ON it 

Hope to see you in clinic soon. 

Want to know more? Get in touch, make an appointment and let’s set up a treatment plan for you with Dr Joshi. 

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