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Why Choose Skin Essentials for your Skin needs?

Dr Imaan Joshi trained at Sydney University and graduated in 2001.

Between 2001-2004 she spent 3 years in a rural NSW town, doing much more procedural work than most junior doctors undertake in city hospitals. This led to her passion for surgery and Women’s Health, and she was accepted into a training program to begin training at The Royal Hospital for Women in 2004.

Between 2004-2011, amidst working long hours, which involved procedural work most days and 60-70 hour work weeks, Dr Joshi had 4 children of her own. These years led to an appreciation not only for procedures, but as with anything that involves repetition, it allowed a degree of muscle memory when operating, speed as well as an awareness of what can go wrong, and what to do without panicking when it does.

As such, when Dr Joshi switched to General Practice training in 2012, she loved most of the work but missed the procedural aspects of the job.

Seeing chain clinics pop up everywhere, and reading of cases gone wrong and being an avid promoter of caring for skin at every stage of life, she looked into the ethics of the cosmetic industry, and decided to up skill in it in 2014.

Over time, she worked at mobile clinics, and built her patient base of people who want to invest in themselves, in their faces, without looking too different. Her focus has always been on enhancing the best a face has to offer, rather than to change it such that it is obvious that work has been done.

Dr Joshi is firmly rooted in the medical principle of “first do no harm” and will turn away requests for any procedure that does not seem ethical, or any patient whose demands are not in alignment with her values for sensible rejuvenation.

Dr Joshi is a skilled practitioner first, and a businesswoman second. Her focus is to treat each face as a unique canvas for enhancement, to help you look meticulous at any age.

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