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Full Face Rejuvenation

This lady has been my patient for a full year now.

I first met her on November 26th last year. She’d never had any injectables but was keen to try some anti wrinkle treatment in her early 40s.

This is with her full consent.

This lady took a year almost to the day- dark sunken eyes; hollowing cheeks. Deep smile lines that bothered her. And wrinkles.

She was worried abt the wrinkles.

That wasn’t what I saw- I saw that she looked tired, sad even though she wasn’t.

But she was entirely focused on her wrinkles. So we worked on those for 6 mths. Then I began turning her away because I didn’t want to freeze her face and she was afraid I’d make her look ridiculous if she had filler, so that people would know.


Then in May we began with 2mls. She looked better. More importantly, she saw enough that she liked, and realised she wasn’t going to look like the Housewives of Sydney.

She came back and had another 2 mls. Now she looked fresher, happier. She began telling friends.

She was pretty happy at this stage. We decided to use 1 final ml around her eyes to tighten the area up so she looked less sad, while not giving her that overfilled look that is obviously fake.

Final result. 5 mls total over 9 months.

And last week, 1ml for maintenance as we reached our final goal in August.

So total of 6mls. And 3 monthly anti wrinkle treatments since November 2016.

To be fair she’s my most diligent patient- she’s committed to this, she came for appts when she was supposed to and she kept coming back.

I didn’t want her to be in debt for this so she would prepay what she’d saved into my account and then “validate” the treatments every 3 months.

The positive reinforcement in the mirror helped too I’m sure- like colouring hair, or having laser, some things you can’t not have once you’ve tried them!

She went from being someone who was terrified to let anyone know she was seeing me to showing everyone because she feels she looks fresh and happy, which reflects her inside.

I’ve taken pics static and animated so it can be seen that she looks natural.

The cost of something like this isn’t cheap.

For eg:

Anti wrinkle treatments up to 50 uts x 4/year= $3000
Fillers, 2 mls medium and 4 mls thick over the year $3500

Going forward is maintenance- anti wrinkle every 3-4 mths $750
Fillers 1-2 mls/year $600-1200

So that’s what a full face rejuvenation looks like – upfront cost and ongoing maintenance.

 Any questions? email us at contact@skinessentials.com.au

Hope to see you in a clinic soon!

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