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Lasting Skin Hydration

Winter is here, and with it, for many of us, dry itchy, tight skin – on our bodies as well as our faces. Warm clothes and layers don’t help with dry skin on bodies, but on faces, we are limited in terms of what we can realistically add without that telltale shiny glow of grease.

So what’s a girl to do?

First things first:

1. Plenty of water

2. Enough sleep

3. Quit poor habits like smoking, sugary foods and drinks

4. Get loads of fresh fruits and veggies

5. Pray for good genetics

6. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

7. Exercise! Keeping in mind the old saying “Around 40, choose a slim figure or a youthful face”.

But..you may be doing all this and yet the effects of ageing are catching up- loss of facial fat pads; slower metabolism; chronic illness; slower cell turnover resulting in drier, duller, rougher skin with even flaking.

I recently heard about a product called Skinboosters and I’m keen to share this information with you.

What DON’T they do?

Unlike antiwrinkle injections, which work by relaxing muscles and reducing wrinkles from forming and deepening.

Unlike dermal fillers which work by lying deep in the skin and plumping and volumising skin directly, skinboosters are different.

  • They don’t weaken or freeze muscles.
  • They don’t plump skin or smooth deep wrinkles

They are related to dermal fillers BUT unlike dermal fillers which can significantly lift skin and replace lost volume to cheeks, lips, temples and other areas of the face, skinboosters do none of this.

So how DO they work?

  • Skinboosters are placed just superficially under the skin- around 2mm deep.
  • they can be applied to the entire face- usually 2mls should suffice and entire face
  • I use a numbing cream 30-45 minutes prior to treatment to numb the skin for multiple treatment points on the face for comfort.
  • some bruising is common and may be expected so don’t have this done the day before a big event!
  • the skinboosters release small amounts of hyaluronic acid under the skin over time, attracting water and nourishing the skin.

The Result? 

  • smoother skin
  • reduction in fine lines over time
  • reduction of acne scars over time
  • improvement of sun/photo damage

How long can I expect them to last?

Results can last up to six months.

if it works well for you, and possibly means less potions and lotions for those with a busy life, a twice yearly application over a half hour could well be worth budgeting for!

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