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Winter is the best time to achieve skin goals

As we head into another winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, what most of us want to do is to rug up, keep warm and eat our way to a warm and contented lump.

While that may well be what makes you happy in winter, here is another goal that is worth reaching for – improving the quality of your skin!

Summer months are marked by days by the beach, coffees and lunches with friends and long, leisurely days out and about. No matter how much sun protection you use, the fact is, being out and about during daylight hours means that there will be a degree of sun damage – the fairer your skin, the worse the risk!

You don’t have to be sunburnt to feel the effects. Just look at anyone over the age of 20, especially in a country such as ours.

At workshops with women in their 20s and 30s, I am often struck by the degree of premature ageing that I can see by way of sun damaged, dry skin, adult acne and wrinkles; rougher skin that has lost elasticity and deeper lines on movement. 

Nature and the ozone layer aside, it makes sense then, that given our predisposition to faster ageing, coupled with our love affair with the sun and relaxed attitude to sun protection, we need to do better if we wish to age well.

I am not one to be a proponent of “mutton dressed as lamb”. There is a certain beauty to a person who ages well, like a good cheese, or wine. So I encourage my patients to care for their skin meticulously so that over time, it becomes an investment into themselves, rather than an expense that once spent, the money is gone.

SO why is winter an ideal time?

Winter heralds months of dry skin due to the weather, both indoors and outdoors. Skin benefits from regular and frequent exfoliation to stimulate newer layers of healthy skin.
Winter is also a great time to undo or stop damage from the warmer months – a treatment of SkinBoosters or a series of microneedling and medical grade chemical peel sessions will do a world of good for sun damaged skin, while boosting control of other common issues such as pigmentation, acne and ageing.

If you are open to the idea of Injectables, not only do they fill lose volume, they are also a great source of further long lasting hydration that will continue to nourish skin from beneath during the drier months.

Lastly, winter is a great time to implement an evidence based skincare regimen that in conjunction with some of the above, can help you achieve significant improvement in your skin by the time Spring rolls around.

Keep in mind – nothing worth having comes easy, or cheap.

Meticulous skin takes time – on average 3-6 months, and then requires maintenance long term with your trusted practitioner. The basics must be implemented – quit the cigarettes, get enough sleep, eat enough veggies and fresh fruit, sun protection every 2 hours, anytime you are out and about in daylight hours, rain or shine, summer or winter (we stock mineral powder with SPF that can go over your makeup)

So if you’re ready to begin the journey to amazing skin and prepared to commit, get in touch and let’s get a treatment plan going.

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