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Turning back time...

I often hear from people, especially women in their 50s, “Oh I’d love to look 20 again!”

Mostly, they are laughing and they know it is not possible, with far more money than they have, or want to spend on plastic surgery – and even then I am not convinced it is possible!

But sometimes, it is a real longing.

To these people, I say, “I don’t think it is possible to make you look significantly younger, I CAN help you look the best possible for your age bracket – fresher, less tired, rejuvenated.”

What’s the difference?

Here is a photo representation of someone ageing, from a young person in her 20s, through to possibly someone in her 60s.

On the surface:
Over time, there is more fine lines, then wrinkles, then sag from her 40s onwards. By her 60s, she may look weathered and tired, often earlier than this.

But look at this. Me 12 years ago, and last week.

I don’t have any significant wrinkles yet, but …I don’t look 18 or 20 or even 25 anymore! Why not?

Because under the skin, this also happens:

Ageing isn’t just about the surface changes. Other changes are occurring also, under the skin surface – with the structural support of bone, noticeable changes in overlying skin and tissue also occurs.

Fat pads that give young people their youthful appearance, are gradually lost, or begin to sag.

So while anti wrinkle injections can relax wrinkles, and fillers can replace some of the sag and lost fat pads, we don’t have much to reverse bony changes that occur with the ageing process.

And that is why, a wrinkled young woman in her 20s or 30s will look tired and worn out, but still young, but a woman with over treated wrinkles, or naturally-no-wrinkles who is in her 40s or 50s will NOT look 20. The bony changes will give her away.

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